Where to run my bungeecord?

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  1. Hello.

    I have 2 dedicated servers that are home hosted but I have also a OVH VPS but I want to run bungeecord and not to forget that I want the fastest ping for the proxy and the servers but with DDoS protection and lag free.

    Specs of dedi 1:
    Intel Core I7-4790
    32GB RAM
    1Gbit internal networking
    2x 500GB samsung SSD

    Specs of dedi 2:
    Intel Core I7-6700
    32GB RAM
    1Gbit internal networking
    2TB WD RED

    Both of the machines are having a external down and uplink of 150/15

    1 CPU core
    4GB RAM
    70GB SSD (I bought the 50GB extra)

    So whats better to run the bungeecord proxy on it and maybe some servers?
  2. I'd say, run the proxy on the VPS and servers on the Dedis.
  3. Never run your BungeeCord on a homehosted server. Never.

    Run your Bungeecord on your VPS and make sure you setup the iptables correctly. (I know that you know how to do so)
    Run your Spigot servers and databases on your dedicated servers and databases that will go on a website (stats site or whatever) to a database on your VPS.
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  4. Iptables is unnecessary for the backend servers
  5. Well; eh; no. You don't run them on a separate network do you? Or on a different IP.
  6. I run the backend servers (spigot instances) on my home connection so a different IP address.
  7. Yes but it isn't different from the IP you browse the interwebs with; so if someone checks your IP; gets your IP; scrapes ports; logs in under your username; no-auth; and OP :)
  8. There is a option called: 2fa https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/minesecure.699/
  9. Yea but how..? Because players are keeping their own IP address after joining so ip tables won`t work unless everything working under the NAT of the vps
  10. You say IPForwarding will save you? No; people can just make a local bungeecord on their own PC and join thru their bungee and they will just login.
  11. Not if I work with the servers by making a 24/7 connection to the internal network of the VPS then I can perform IPtables but they can`t join because I use random ports for the servers
  12. FHR


    There is this awesome thing called "nmap", which scans all open ports on your IP address...
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  13. So you run a host but are asking this

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  14. I have beside a host a own minecraft server.
  15. To actually answer the question at hand.
    i have a very similar setup (dedis at home and a vps from ovh), and i run two bungeecord instances. one on the vps pointing to a bungee on a dedi in my house. if you can i would recommend setting up a gre tunnel from your vps to a sub network in your home. then have the bungee at your house.
  16. Just keep all ports closed unless you need them and allow access to and from all ports when it comes to the VPS to backend. Therefore you don't have to deal with much. (Basically allow the IP full access.) Anyhow, curious over whom your ISP is.
  17. But how?

    My vps is SSD-2 2016 so its possible tho but I don`t know how
  18. the gre tunnel is not hard. doing it into a sub net you just point it at another router as a subnet. that way your home router a) isnt doing the majority of the work. b) doesn't have any ports open. you just need a server running linux, preferably low power and dedicated, or use unraid(vm host) with pfsnese (router) and linux of your choice. im not sure of there is a way to tunnel into a network disconnected from the internet but that would be much more preferable.

    if anyone (*cough* MikeA *cough*) knows a better way please correct me.
  19. I am following this guide: http://wiki.buyvm.net/doku.php/gre_tunnel
    But I am using the remote IP (destination my home Ip address) but its not working... I think that I have to use the internal IP of my dedi.