Spigot WhereIsYou 1.1.0

Locates the specified player or yourself.

  1. curxxx submitted a new resource:

    WhereIsYou - Locates the specified player

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  2. Wow cool plugin
  3. Shouldn't it be WhereAreYou? Instead of WhereIsYou? :p
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  4. Whereareyou
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  5. No, it's WhereIsYou on purpose :p WhereAreYou is boring and plain :p :p
  6. XD ikr other ppl will think you dont know english O_O
  7. Um... It's confusing.
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  8. Yeah, I added a disclaimer in the description lol.

    Is it? I just thought it was bad English, not confusing.
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  9. Can someone make a tutorial How to make plugins please
  10. I can direct you in the right direction. First, you need to know the Java programming language. Then you need a development environment (Eclipse, or IntelliJ which is what I use). Then check out https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/spigot-plugin-development/ to continue.
  11. Wow this is really hard but I will try tnx guys
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  12. Actually I want to make plugins cuz they are really cool 2. I want to be staff on a server mybe if I will make plugin for the server i will be staff I really need help