Wheres good places to

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  1. So out of curiosity wheres some good places to advertise Minecraft servers, Voting is nice and a good start but where could i go from there ?
  2. There are many sites like planet minecraft, minecraft server list, etc etc. You can find more sites from this site amethysia.enjin.com
  3. Youtube is a good option if you can afford a mini series, as in about 3-5 episodes. Joins start to deminish after that as you usually have an interestest viewer's attention by then in hopes of them playing with their favorite YouTuber.

    (Renting) Slots from voting sites at peak hours (5PM EST) on Friday, the weekend, or holidays have worked really well for me in the past.
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  4. Hello, I am sorry to tell you this does not give good results the only way to attract public to your server is through advertising using youtubers and streamers or gathering clans to do tournaments
  5. Try to create a TY channel and make a video to show a little bit of your server.
    Maybe, you can also stream on Twitch on your channel or on other's people channel.
    If you find a streamer or a youtuber that want to make videos on your server, give him a Vip and organize events to invite other people.