whic operating system ?

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  1. What is best operating system for BungeeCord?
  2. There is no best. The best operating system is what suits your needs.
    For BungeeCord is linux of course. Then you have many distributions to choose from.
    My favourite is Debian 6 or 7 but some other people prefer Ubuntu and others CentOS (is the distribution that uses less ram).
    So... Just search your need's :)
  3. I have more than 450-500 active players on my server and I'm using Microsoft Windows Server R2 2008 Enterprise on my Dedicated server. My players dropping to server 3-4 times per day.
    If I start to use Ubunto or CentOS, does any performance difference?

    And witch BungeeCord version offering you for Minecraft 1.5.2 Server?

    I'm waiting for your answers, thanks for helping.
  4. Is the reason you have drops due to performance? is it from network? Do you know? Of course running linux is going to improve performance for a server when you currently run Windows, there is a lot less overhead to run the OS itself.
  5. I think drop reason is BungeeCord's version. I'm using version of 545. BungeeCord drop players 100 of 500. Players saying to me Client showing strange errors (java errors) when BungeeCord drops him.
  6. I would suggest trying again with the latest release
  7. Thanks I will
  8. Linux is loading the world much faster than Windows. I personally run on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard Datacenter Edition. It's your decision to change if you want.

  9. I need performance i have 32 gb ram e3 processor and 160-200 mbit speed ssd disk,80 mbit upload speed, but server still lagging.
  10. I would suggest you to 1) change your startup script 2) Get 1Gbps port (500-1000+mbps/s) 3) Get more ram for your servers 4) change to Linux (if you host websites or MySQL databases on your Windows server then its not good decision)
    i can figure out more alternatives if nothing of these above helped you.