Which AntiCheat Plugin for free would you recommend?

Discussion in 'Server & Community Management' started by Alry_FireBlade, Jan 5, 2020.

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  1. I use AAC and its doing and has been amazing for almost 2 years now. Right now there are a good amount of move false positives but he's working his hardest, it's hard to get good performance with move checks.

    I've tested both Spartan and AAC with the same clients and overall AAC won in terms of detection and timings + cpu usage.
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  2. How Matrix is? Terrible it continues to kick Players for nothing.

    It kicked players with the Permission to use /fly so i turned that check of and after server restart... it was active again.
    I decided to remove Matrix and wait until I can purchase AAC and hope that it is better.
  3. Great to know guys, thanks for the information. Looks like AAC is in my to-buy list then.
    Spartan is very expensive and has a subscription to get full functionality. I'm not a fan of that.

    @Alry_FireBlade, I can't think of any solution other than using a paid AntiCheat. For the time AntiCheat developers spend on their software it can't be priced free without having issues unfortunately. Find some mature and dedicated staff, it'll work wonders.
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  4. Yeah, I understand this but 23€ is really expensive and I don't have that money. I just can't afford a Plugin this expensive actually.
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  5. DavidDevelops


    Ah, So, First off no offense but if you can't afford 23 Euro why are you trying to run a server? Its not THAT pricy and its worth the amount IMO, I bought it and ran it on a few servers and it worked lovely, **This reply was mainly to say go for AAC its amazing, But the default config is trash**
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  6. This is exactly what I said and will continue to preach to server owners trying to be successful with no budget whatsoever.
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  7. But the OP asked for a FREE plugin.
  8. We tried. He doesn’t want Matrix or Horizon and they’re pretty much the only options which can help him at all.
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  9. I run a server for 1.5 years now, and I lost my Job in that Time. When I started I had a Job.
  10. If you can't afford a Minecraft server then you probably shouldn't run one. Are you sure you can't cover the costs of one with your job? I could go work at a McDonalds right now and easily cover regular server costs within a day's work.
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  11. If I had a Job I could. But why I am telling you this, that was not the question at all. This Thread becomes more anoying then usefull. Can I close it somehow?
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