Which do you prefer: Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS/OS X, or Linux?

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Which is your favorite OS?

  1. Microsoft Windows

    27 vote(s)
  2. Linux

    8 vote(s)
  3. Apple macOS/OS X

    6 vote(s)
  1. gzx


    Please do not start an argument; this is only out of curiosity. Which do you prefer?

    Personally, I prefer Linux.
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  2. Software
    Apple macOS/OS X


    Not apple. ;)
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  3. gzx


    Oh, we have a Hackintosh here...
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  4. How about in order from greatest to least
    1. macOS
    2. Linux
    3. A toaster
    4. A watermelon
    5. A potatoe
    6. Windows XP
    7. Windows 10
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  5. why would anyone want to discuss their opinions without arguing?

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  6. latiku


    I personally use linux
  7. I prefer windows due to my experience mostly being games. Although I do some programming, not enough for me to need to switch os. Although I currently use windows, I have used all 3 and would happily switch if windows no longer suited me.
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  8. Gaxan


    I prefer windows for it's flexibility, and Linux as a second.
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  9. Mac OSX because of workflow, I personally find it a lot easier to get all my work done from my Mac and I feel as though I get more done rather than my Windows PC but it is based on personal opinion.
  10. macOS, not osx anymore.
  11. Linux and Windows running on dual boot is thenot middle of both worlds. I like sharing all drives except main drives , this way I have a middle ground.

    You can use Linux and Windows too.
    Nothing better
  12. Aren't those illegal?
  13. I think he referred to not liking their hardware , even if the software is very good
  14. mathhulk

    mathhulk Retired Moderator


    I couldn't care less about the loss of privacy, as Windows suits all my needs. If it can't, I always have another laptop running Ubuntu to use.
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  15. No! As long you legally bought Mac OS. I have a Mac laptop and two weeks ago I installed my Hackintosh. i7 6700k, 64 GB 2666MHz, Nvidia GeForce gtx 1070. Why so late? Nvidia released the webdriver for 10xx cards on Mac OS.

    Short answer: Apple doesn't care.
  16. I Prefer Windows ! :D
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  17. What is the most used operating system in the world?
  18. Gaxan


    Android, but for Computers it's Windows.
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  19. I love Windows for playing/gaming but Linux is by far the superior game hosting software. Apple is out of the question.
  20. Linux if I could ever find a version with stable skype.
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