Which graphics card?

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  1. So I am looking at getting a new GPU for my PC.

    I am stuck on whether I should get a R9 280, or a GTX 960.

    I see that most R9 280s have around 3GB of VRAM. Most GTX 960s have about 2GB. Does this make much of a difference? The majority of the GTX 960s are a bit more expensive than the R9 280s.

    I will be running 2 monitors at 1920x1080 with it. I don't play high demanding games such as The Witcher III or GTA V. I don't actually game very much, but I would like to achieve a stable 60fps on most 3D games, even on medium settings.

    But if you have a suggestion for other graphics cards then please let me know.

    - Dan.
  2. The core performance of the chip powering both cards have equal compute performance, so unless heat is an issue for you, I would go with the 280.
  3. Definitely 280. 960 if you have some money to burn. Not literally because nVidia cards are usually cooler and quieter.
  4. Ok, so it looks like I will be getting a R9 280. I have been looking at this model, is it OK?

    And as my PSU will need upgrading too, will this PSU be sufficient?

    Many Thanks,
  5. Yes, and I believe yes. It will depend on your other parts of the PC though. For example, I am barely able to get off on a 500W using a GTX 970, but my CPU is luckily an i3
  6. I just wanted to chip in here. The newer 900x seriers cards are extremely buggy atm. I've used a GTX 970, and a 980 so far and have been struggling with bugs the entire time. It appears to be incompatible with web browsers for whatever reason, making the kennel constantly crash.

    Not trying to tell you which card you should get, i just thought you'd like to know the issues for the 900 series atm.
  7. This is FALSE. Everything works fine for the 900 series. It can run games fine with no problems. It all depends on the game you're running. I've rarely seen people complain about this issue (it's actually a first). If you are using Windows 10 then obviously you will encounter problems. The Windows 10 drivers are out but most likely missing some stuff. Probably something wrong on your end mate
  8. My 750Ti has been having a similar issue where my browser would randomly crash when I minimize it. Same issue?
  9. https://www.reddit.com/r/nvidia/comments/3ckxd5/gtx_970_drivers_past_35012_keep_crashing/

    Annnd about 1000+ different topics. You must not have a GTX 900 series or are just extremely lucky. The 900's (And some more) have incredibly crashy drivers and nVIDIA has been working on a fix for about 2 months now. They've released a few hotfixes which help a lot, but still haven't tracked down the issue.
  10. Possibly, the newer drivers appear to have crash related bugs caused by browsers such as google chrome.
  11. I don't think that would be something caused by your graphics card.
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  12. I uninstalled my graphics card driver so im left with the default microsoft one and theres no longer the crash bug.
    I created a new user account and that also fixed the bug.

    Thing with my 750Ti is its like the big-boy 900 Series because it runs off the Maxwell architecture.

  13. My friend has a GTX 970 and he is not encountering these bugs. He has had it for a month but strange I guess.
  14. It mostly happens for Google Chrome and Minecraft.

    Both of these use OpenGL, that could be the problem!
  15. Well he use to play Minecraft but he plays other games now. He always uses Google Chrome. Never experienced an issue.
  16. I did have an issue with the nVidia drivers on linux at one point a few months ago, but you just need to reinstall the driver...
  17. Has he yet encountered the VRAM issue with the GTX 970?
  18. 280s would probably give you the best performance, and help with heating issues, if that is what's wrong.