Which host is better? (PebbleHost, ZippyHost)

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  1. Hi, i need help to choose an host.
    I find this two:
    And i dont know which one i choose.
    What host is better? (If you know another good and cheap host tell me)
  2. it all depends on your requirements.

    • your budget,
    • your technical skill/knowledge level,
    • their service level agreement (does it meet your requirement?)
      • accessibility
      • turn around time for the help/issue addressing
    • location of the machine,
    • etc.
  3. OK, im asking because i can afford both of the hosts and both of them are in EU but i dont know wich one i choose becauce the zippyhost have:
    -MySQL database
    -unlimited slots
    But they dont tell more things.However the pebblehost have:
    -160Gb/s dados protection
    -unlimite HDD space
    -250 mbs uplink
    -24H backups.

    The good side of zippy host are the i7 the MySQL and 1.25€/Gb, the bad side is that they dont tell much more like ddos,uplink,etc and they arent very popular

    The good side of pebblehosting is the amount of information they give and very food support and they are very popular. The bad sides are the E5 2€/GB and dont came with a MySQL data base.
  4. if you're bringing in a business to them you should directly contact them and negotiate, get more information, etc.
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  6. They are both "bad" hostings.
  7. Go for Pebblehost, its great!
    For you too, Pebblehost
  8. We're sorry you feel that way. If ever there's an opportunity to prove you otherwise, we will gladly take that opportunity. Sorry for the "late reply"
  9. Hey,

    If you were to chose out of the either of them i would chose zippy.
    Mainly due to the fact that they have better cpu's. But if you need alot
    of support pebblehost has alot of staff members that are pretty helpful.
  10. I would go with skynode.pro, But if you really want to choose between these 2.. I would go with Pebblehost.
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  11. Why not ask them for a test server and see for yourself? :cool:
  12. Germanode I asked for a test server in your host and you just ignored me, how nice :)

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