Which host?

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  1. They might look not guilty but my virus scanner is the number 1. Trust me, if it says something then believe it.
  2. I'll run AdwCleaner and MalwareBytes. :D
  3. Tried with KasperSky.
    Gave me an error.
  4. windows defender with malware bytes Home (Premium)
  5. it depends on your browser version for the SSL auth because my chrome is always up to date
  6. Can we steer back onto the topic guys? Something like 4 servers for less than £10/$16 a month that includes MySQL, frostbite can do this, but I have no idea where to host a MySQL...
  7. get an small vps from OVH or something
  8. OVH VPS' have bad CPUs. They aren't good for minecraft, but are good for websites.
  9. go with an cheap host, get an vps for MySQL and u r good to go
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  10. @coolMJW to answer your question, yes.
  11. How much does a VPS usually cost per month?
  12. http://buyvm.net/ has them as cheap as $3.50/mo and $1/mo for SQL offload servers.
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  13. Hi, you can take a look at EasyWare.ch.
    They will provide you everything to build a Bungeecord server.
  14. Yeah, because that's totally what SSL protects against :rolleyes:
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  15. This, out of most replies, looks most promising to me, have you used them before?
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  16. Keep in mind that you'll need to know basic linux :D
  17. I've had two low-end VPSs with buyvm, been very happy with it. Their knowledge database is surprisingly large and in-depth.
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  18. Either go with RamNode or BuyVM. They're both great hosting companies :D
  19. <offtopic>Well, there are no viruses on ShockByte.com at all. It gives you a warning because you've visited the site with the URL "https://www.shockbyte.com" while the SSL certificate is only valid on "https://shockbyte.com". Always read the warning which Chrome shows :)
    They actually need to setup a www to non-www URL or get a wildcard certificate which is valid on all subdomains and the domain itself.
    Try NetherByte. They offer good prices too.
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