Which host?

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  1. To be honest, it's pretty puny to not have your SSL certificate work on both your root domain and your www sub-domain.
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  2. Or maybe that's a misconfiguration.
  3. Nah, the allowed domains are hardcoded into the certificate. Although they could disable HTTP on their www subdomain and make it respond with a static 301 to their HTTPS server on their root domain.
  4. I meant the server configuration. I've been using wildcards on all of my domains so I know I am familiar with it.
    Let's end it here :)
  5. Yes, I understand that. That's why I said that error is caused by the certificate, not their configuration.
  6. Lets get back on topic, k?
  7. I use them for all my VPS needs, like ALL the time
  8. No antivirus is "#1" it overall depends on the company and how they make their antivirus.
    Along with that you must be pretty dumb saying shockbyte has viruses when in reality they don't. Don't be throwing things that you don't know or that is false without checking.

    Here is a legit virus scan of the website. Can your #1 combat 62 antivirus scans?
  9. Hahaha... What's a Linux? (I know OF the operating system but I'm afraid the term means nothing but North Korean hackers to me, what does Linux entail?)