Which ide do you use?

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  1. Hello,

    Recently I have been switching between ide's so I thought I would make a thread asking which IDE you use, Personally, I started with Eclipse then moved to IntelliJ, So here's my question 'Which sde do you use?'

    Also, let's not make this a huge spam thread about which one is better I just wanna hear which Ide you use :D
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  2. Eclipse is the best :)
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  3. I for one use these:
    Now, let's see who can figure out first which is in the picture :p
  4. Intellij? Looks like it lol
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  5. I use intellij, best IDE, 11/10 kotlin support would kotlin again

    Is that really a Spigot plguin in clojure? Good god
  6. It's probably IntelliJ, because I don't see a reason to write Clojure using CLion or Rider
  7. I did the same, I started with Eclipse and switched successively to IntelliJ.
  8. I use IntelliJ either. And I want to appeal to everyone: Try out all IDEs before you claim the IDE you use is the best one.
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  9. Read the comment you posted on my profile then edit your message :)

    And you know this, but I use Eclipse
  10. Clearly uses JDA so no, it's a discord bot :p
  11. Choco


    I'm extremely glad you said this :p Lots of people say, "THIS IDE IS THE BEST" without having tried other IDEs.

    My personal preference is Eclipse because it's just what I feel comfortable using. I find that IntelliJ has some amazing features that I do wish Eclipse had, though I never really enjoyed IJ's design. I have tried IntelliJ... in fact, I use it to modify Bukkit and CraftBukkit code simply because Eclipse does not particularly like the repository's maven dependencies for whatever reason; but I still prefer Eclipse. That's not to say I recommend it, but for beginners I certainly do. If you're a little more experienced, IntelliJ is quite an impressive piece of software
  12. scrub, use intellij all the time
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  13. I use IntelliJ - Eclipse is great for beginners though.
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  14. Choco


    Why get out of my comfort zone if the IDE I would switch to is not comfortable to me? I don't enjoy programming in IntelliJ and it will likely be that way for quite some time. I dread every minute I'm in that IDE, and unless Eclipse is to go down, I will continue to dread it. Otherwise, I'll learn to deal with IntelliJ
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  15. I started with Eclipse then heard about IntelliJ one day on IRC. Then I tried it, converted all my projects and I've never wanted to switch back - in fact I haven't downloaded Eclipse since.

    I've tried all the IDEs except NetBeans (I'll pass, can't stand the UI, even from screenshots), and IMO IntelliJ runs laps around all the others
  16. Better kotlin support. nuff said
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  17. I agree, I was comfortable with Eclipse, Although I have heard a lot of great things about IntellIJ, So I had tried it a couple of times and then decided to make the switch, Although one thing I wish IntellIJ had was Saros, So you could share projects just via gmail address and their software, One thing I don't like about IntellIJ is you can't easily switch between projects like eclipse you need to open a new window :p, Anyways great post :D
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    surprisingly i tried out many IDEs. didnt just go straight to IntelliJ as everyone treats it as god tier(though i may be hypocritical). i tried out eclipse, netbeans, blueJ, and drjava. overall, decided to stick with IntellIJ because of its nice UI and functionality.
  19. I use eclipse, but want IntelliJ. Never really bothered, because the only reason IntelliJ appeals to me is how nice the colors look.

    inb4 hate
  20. notepad++ v4.1.1

    nice auto-complete and clean interactive UI system
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