Solved Which is better? (CraftBukkit,Spigot, or Paper)

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by BORSOSI2, Feb 18, 2020.

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  1. I wanna know which one should I choose from these three.. if anyone knows what's better tell me please! Thank you!
  2. Do not use CraftBukkit, there is no reason to. As for Paper and Spigot it’s up to you, paper is a fork of spigot and all spigot plugins should* work on paper.

    Paper has some more aggressive optimisations which will most of the time make your server run better.

    So personally I’d choose paper but both are fine, just not CraftBukkit.

    * Paper does break some nms features which a few plugins use. They might not work on paper but for the most part, they're compatible
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  3. Okay, thank you! I appreciate your answer!
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  4. Paper. Paper is the standard on all servers. Spigot is good, but paper is better. Obviously paper is a fork of spigot, but it’s definitely better than using vanilla spigot. Why? Speed. It just keeps your server more stable... and there’s a couple of more features in the config. (I actually think paper was like an official recommendation on this site, not sure)
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  5. I usually use Paper because It has more optimization from Spigot, and yeah Paper is a fork of spigot, everyone uses Paper

    umm.. what is CraftBukkit? lol
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  6. I would prefer Paper too, in my opinion it is the best.
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  7. There’s no reason to use Spigot over Paper. With Paper, you’ll get less lag and more features.

    So, really, the answer is obvious: use Spigot. :coffee:
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  8. I never found Paper to really have great performance boosts in my experiences, so I just stay with Spigot.
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  9. Paper has async chunk loading, an option to prevent moving into unloaded chunks, mob-spawning limiters, and much more to reduce lag on servers. Just because you haven’t noticed the performance improvements doesn’t mean others shouldn’t use Paper. :coffee:
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  10. That’s the issue. With paper, disable async chunk loading with multiple threads. Requires too many resources. I can run 1.15.2 with 300mb ram no issue. With multi threaded chunk loading 1gb barely gets by. It’s really a horrific feature that should’ve never been added to any server.

    craftbukkit is the original Minecraft server software that was a fork of the official server jar from Mojang. Long story short, there were legal issues and spigot came along as a fork of craftbukkit. Spigot is faster and allows use of bungee. Paper is fork of spigot meant for performance enhancements.
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  11. I'd honestly choose PaperSpigot (Even though I actually don't use it for some reason). It's a more optimized version of spigot, so it's most likely better than Spigot. As for CraftBukkit though, just no. CraftBukkit is very old and not very optimized. It also lacks features that Spigot and Paper have so there's no good reason to use it. You can use all CraftBukkit plugins on Spigot anyways (I think at least) so there no reason to use it.
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  12. So where does one go for Paper support?

    I see no need for Paper on my server which has 8 people on a good day.
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  13. That is actually not true, not all spigot plugins work with paper.

    It's obviously debatable as it's not because the spigot API but rather some NMS methods, but if you consider plugins under "spigot" category on this site "spigot plugins", not all of them will work with paperspigot.
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  14. Yeah I'm aware, I've never actually come across one though tbh. I don't tend to use NMS heavy plugins. I'll make a edit to my comment though.

    If your performance is fine right now I wouldn't bother switching. You can get paper support on the IRC channel or in their discord.
  15. That's a really sucky way to get support.
  16. Im not going to sit on SpigotMC and rant about which server software is better and for which reasons, at the end of the day its all about preference.
    I do have to say though Paper has great support. I know a lot of people are against Discord (usually people who've been in the community a long time) but the great thing about their discord is if you have a question, SOMEONE will generally reply very quickly!
    They also have a forum as well, but it seems a little unused since the discord gets faster results.

    The nice thing is since Paper is a fork of Spigot, you can generally post your issues on this forum, since its mostly the same software. The downfall is md_5 has a hatred towards Paper, which means the staff here treat it like a disease.

    ex: I saw a thread going in Spigot Plugin Development once. It went for almost 20 messages or so. The person asking questions was strictly referring to code in the Bukkit API. A few users, including a staff member on this site, were helping said user.
    THE SECOND the OP posted an error that said "Paper" in it, the staff member (whom had been replying to this thread all along) locked it say "We don't support Paper" I found this quite rude since the OP was not asking questions regarding the software he was using, but rather the Bukkit API he was using. In my opinion this was a little overboard in the reasoning for locking the thread. Staff need to lighten up on that.

    At the end of the day, its up to you which software you choose to use.
    If CB works fine for you and you prefer to have a more vanilla experience, then go for it.
    If Spigot works for you and you have no issues, go for it.
    If Paper is what you want to use, then go for it.

    Totally the user's choice.
    Just remember, if you use a fork, SpigotMC staff will look down on you. If you fork the software yourself and make changes, that seems to be ok, (stupid right?) .... so basically just be careful what you post here if you require help. Don't mention Paper and you're fine!
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  17. I wouldn't go to a Honda dealer to get help with an Acura, why should someone come here to get help with Paper?

    And if Paper's support is so great, why do Paper users come here? Maybe because Paper's support isn't so good.
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