Which is better for hosting

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Which is best

  1. i7-4771 3.5ghz, 32gb 1600mhz ram, hdd

  2. i7-6700k 4.0ghz, 24gb 1866mhz ram, hdd

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  3. R7-1700 3.6ghz , 32gb 2666mhz ram, ssd

  4. R7-1600x overclocked (as far as i can go), 32gb 2666mhz ram, ssd

  1. I am trying to chose between 4 options for my bungeecord network with 8 servers under it
  2. Which** but what are their prices and where are they coming from?
  3. Im building it myself i already have the i7-4771 and i7-6700k though but ill get the cheepest prices for the parts on amazon when i chose witch to get
  4. What is your internet speed then is what I should be asking.
  5. 119 mbps download and 11 mbps upload
  6. Good luck running 8 servers on that.