Which of these cheap dedicated servers should I choose?

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  1. Hi, I am planning to host a small Minecraft 1.8-1.13 network. I am planning to have 1 bungee, 1 AuthLobby, 1 Main Lobby and 1 Factions server. Also I will have the apache2 running a web and maybe a forum. At first, I think I am not having more than 40-50 users online on the network.

    I am planning to start from something to cheap and, if it goes well, increase the server quality. I am thinking on one of the Kimsufi´s server, but I don´t know which one will fit better with my setuo.
    Could you help me?

    Here is the Kimsufi´s servers page: https://www.kimsufi.com/us/en/servers.xml

    Thank you very much!
  2. There are these solutions: melbicom and skyhost - cheap and powerful :D
    8gb RAM is even more than necessary

    If you decided Kimsufi i'd chose KS-7
  3. This type of host might not be very optimized for Minecraft, you can always try a month on the smalles package or just ask other people who hosted from there :)

    Kind regards
  4. Budget? You're likely better of getting a VPS than using Kimsufi
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  5. An VPS is better? I have 50$-60$/monthly budget.
  6. What does it mean in Hetzner? Do I have to pay 41€monthly + 95€?
  7. Yes
    The €95 is to get the server at all, then you pay €41 every month afterwards, which honestly is a great deal over all if you plan on staying with them.
  8. Mmm... Yeah it sounds cool. But at the moment I am searching something cheaper and basic, just to fit good with my requirements and test how the network goes and if the number of people increases, upgrade the dedicated server.
  9. If you wanted something cheaper, you shouldn't have set your budget to $50-60, 41 euros is below your budget
  10. Yes but not the 95 euros installation.
  11. At kimsufi I can recommend the ks-10
  12. md_5

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    Agreed. Seems like OP even has budget for two of them
  13. Ooh yes? Have you tried it? Maybe I will go with one or two KS-7 server. Let's see if someone could give us a feedback of his/her experience while using it. Thank you!
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    No, but its the best in the list for a few MC servers.
  15. I am now thinking on having just one factions server to start, without a Bungee and Lobbys. So the machine will be running the Minecraft server and the web/forum. Any good option? Maybe a good VPS which is better than Kimsufi's servers? I have always heard that bad things about Kimsufi... xD
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    I think in terms of performance per $ for MC servers, that's the best you'll find.
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