which of these hosts should i use?

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  1. So I have been searching for a host and after going to over 100 sites I narrowed my selection down,
    my current budget is 10$ /month but i can expand that later after doing small jobs and chores around my home.

    The two hosts I am debating on are Pebble Host & Voodoo Servers I wan't to know if anybody has had experience with these hosts and know if the servers they offer are high performance, I was thinking about going for pebble host because of the cheaper web hosting and servers but the prices seem to be too good to be true.

    If you have questions please ask me.
  2. There's really no good reason to host both the MC server and the website on the same company!
  3. I personally used Pebble before about a year ago and didn't like the performance at all and didn't like the panel. Used Pebble a few months ago to help a customer transfer and the panel was still messed up.
  4. What gamemode do you need the server for?
  5. Pebble moved to Multicraft a few weeks ago
  6. Ya I'm aware but I've also seen some bad reviews on Spigot Forums lately.
  7. FreeMc is a Free Minecraft hosting for more information join https://discord.gg/BMtZE2z
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  9. ciz


    I would honestly recommend DeluxeNode. They have owned hardware, they run pterodactyl panel instead of multicraft and they also have amazing support.

    I would recommend you have a look, they have become my favourite host.
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  10. I recommend you MelonCube

    At least its not that bad.
    I like it at least, that's important for me

    1.50$ - 256 MB, its not that bad :)
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  11. I would recommend ExtraVM. Great prices, performance and support.
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  12. I would recommend Citadel servers, Great support and handy articles that helped me start teaching myself
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  13. I'd recommend https://AAGameHosting.com - They have reasonable prices, over 100+ modpacks, they claim 5ghz processor speeds too and nvme, i've been trying them out and works great
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  14. I used them before too, if you go cheap budget host, you will not get good quality hosting, you know what they say, it's too good to be true.
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  15. Let me comment on that.

    They advertise 5.0+ GHz which is an absolute joke, with some luck their CPU's reach 5GHz on one core, but that is extremely unlikely, especially on a filled up node.

    Also, I don't see them being a registered company, nor they have reviews anywhere. They sometimes advertise 30, then 18 locations, that is very confusing, also the CPU switches from page to page and nobody knows what they use.

    And $13 for a 1GB server in Canada which is setup instantly is extremely pricy.
    I don't know their quality, but I don't expect it being worth that much.

    That is also not true at all, there is a difference between cheap because of low quality and cheap because not overpriced. ^^
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  16. I suggest that you should take a look at this thread.
  17. What are your server and web hosting requirements? I could probably get you a cheap quote for enterprise web hosting (around the area of $10 per year, all the bells and whistles)

    As far as a host is concerned, I'm obliged to recommend my hosting partner cubiknode, $1.75 per GB with free web hosting on the $6.50 (4GB) plan and upwards.
  18. Interesting how Citadel Servers and AA Game Hosting have the exact same prices and locations.
  19. I would use NitrousNetworks, excellent host, ddos protection, no lag, really fast servers with a amazingly smooth custom panel

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