Which of these plugin ideas is the best?

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Which of these plugin ideas is the best?

  1. Death Recap

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  2. Achivements

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  3. MenuAPI

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  1. Hello, the title explains all. Here are my propositions:

    Death Recap - after you die you can open the menu which will show what sources of damage killed you (for example Lava - 10 hp in 3s, Fall - 5 hp, Player X - 5 hp using Stick in 5s).

    Achievements - create custom goals and reward players for completing them (for example kill X players, execute Y commands, be on the server for Z mins).

    MenuAPI (for developers) - an easy way to create custom static/animated menus.
  2. @KillerQueen I am going for the MenuAPI, that seems awesome and will be very useful to us all.
    The least : Death Recap, very easy to code, no real usage.
    Achievements is basically a quests plugin.
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  3. Achievements or MenuAPI seem the best to do imo

    I agree with @dkajlw
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  4. I already have a Menu API so not that :p
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  5. I am working on a new type of RPG core :) Anyone wanna join me in my adventures? Contact me on discord :) Nitro_88#5322
  6. Achievements as it gives the player more taks
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  7. All of those things except death recap are available in some form. At least it seems that death recap is an original idea that isn't out there yet.
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  8. I'd say the death recap is the most unique one here. We have dozens of menu related plugins (including APIs) already, as well as achievements. The death recap is not something I've seen before (not that I'm really browsing public plugins nowadays). None the less its definitely the most unique out of the 3, so I'd suggest to build that one.
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  9. Death Recap for sure. Never seen or heard of anything like that before. I'd install it on my server. The others, a dime a dozen.
  10. clip


    Death recap
  11. Jesus are all of you ignorant about all the death recap plugins out there? (No offense) this death recap is literally saying who killed who via what and how much health left, with TEXT. There are ones that show bot pvp battles and even more, why would you even need this?:
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  12. Death Recap sounds like a great, unique, idea.
  13. And why do we need yet another menu related plugin? Do you have any idea on how many menu API resources and full menu related plugins we have? Do you want another one? Same goes for achievements; there are tons and tons of plugins for that. Death recap is the only slightly unique plugin out of this list.
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  14. Optic_Fusion1

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    agreed but yea out of the three ideas shown here the Death recap is the more unique plugin
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  15. I'd rather see another fucking kitpvp plugin than another menu API or advancement b.s. plugin... And that's saying something..
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  16. Optic_Fusion1

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    *goes and makes a kitpvp plugin* though when it comes to unique plugins, i have an idea or two, heavily depends on how fast i hit certain limitations though
  17. .And how many idiotic death recap plugins are there? Way more than the tons of trash you called "Menu APIs". Death recap is not a creative one, it is one of the most common features a core plugin can have.
    Also, never rooted for Achievements, literally a friggin Quests plugin xD]

    If you want an actual unique plugin idea that I am working on currently, its a SkyblockRPG core that I am working on.
  18. Optic_Fusion1

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    SkyblockRPG in general probably isn't unique *shrug*
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  19. I don't feel like elaborating on my idea, but will release as a resource one day :) Think of an adventure world where you can mine certain blocks that regenerate :)
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  20. Optic_Fusion1

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    probably already done in some way shape or form tbh
    Edit: wouldn't this type of thing be found in prison servers?
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