Which one is better

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  1. Here is the two spec
    Intel Xeon E5-1650V2
    2 HDD 2,0 TB SATA Enterprise
    4x RAM 16384 MB DDR3 ECC reg.

    110 USD per month

    Intel Xeon E3-1271V3
    2x SSD 480 GB SATA Datacenter
    4x RAM DDR3 8192 MB ECC

    95USD per month
  2. wear is the hosting based on?
    Because remember the ms/ping between server and players
  3. He is asking which spec runs more efficient for a minecraft server. @Hysan for me the 2nd one, I don't know why.
  4. I would personally go the second one.
  5. yeah ik but remember the ping between players and the server too. That can change effect too. but @Hysan for me 2nd one. faster maby the ram but faster.
  6. He didn't specify the latency nor location of the data centers, so we have to go off of what he provided us.
  7. I would personally recommend Choice 1
  8. Mind if I ask why you would pick choice 1 over the other choice? Just curious
  9. i just said "remember the ping between players and the server too" to him.....
  10. How does the latency pertain the the quote?
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  11. Really?
    Am I to assume all your friends are dead?
  12. The server is located in DC
  13. Hey,

    He has not specified what he will be using the machine for so I would pick choice 1 for the following reasons.

    1. The Xeon E5 has 6 cores over 4 cores on the Xeon E3.
    2. SSD vs HDD would variety again on what he is using the machine for.
    3. Then We have 16GB over the 8GB.

    Unless he gives a general idea on what he will be using it for, I cannot really give my exact answer.
  14. Hey it is 64 GB over the 32 GB. And I will use this for bungeecord and spigot servers plus hosting the Xenforo website
  15. @Mr.Midnight now we have an location then @Hysan remember the ping between server and player c:
  16. Should I choose this (150 USD per month)
    Intel Xeon E5-1650V2
    2x SSD240 GB SATA Datacenter
    4x RaM 16384 MB DDR3 ECC reg. (64gb)
    Located in Germany
  17. @Hysan why not buy some parts to an own machine? and send it to a datacenter?
  18. Nope, if that I better host at home
  19. Wrong thread I think?
    Now that is better. I would prefer using that than the other two. @Hysan what is the name of the hosting company?
    He wants to rent a server, therefore he cannot change the offers of the hosting.
  20. Hey,

    Sorry I wasn't thinking before posting that ahaha. If you are using it for Minecraft servers then I would recommend choice number two then as Hosting MC servers will not use 6 cores. I change my answer to choice number two :) (Paying $95 is not bad at all)