Which one is better?

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  1. I'd like to make a survival, minigames server. Which one is the best? Spigot, paperspigot, craftbukkit?
  2. I have a feeling on paper community you might hear paper, and on spigot you might hear spigot.

    Immah go with Spigot right now.
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  3. CraftBukkit has the least inconsistencies to Vanilla, Spigot is the one and only supported modified version of CraftBukkit. Also note that some plugins that are built against Spigot might not be compatible with CraftBukkit.
  4. Ive heard paper spigot is more optimized than spigot. I have tried it myself and didnt notice any difference. Also I have heard people have run into multiple issues with Paper, so... I would suggest just sticking with spigot. As for craftBukkit,,, I wouldn't bother.
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  5. I think that minigames server its good&fun than survival but absolutely harder
  6. I like Really SkyBlock Server
  7. For surivial I recommend PaperSpigot
    For minigame I recommend Spigot
  8. Use Paperspigot if you want create a heavy server, is really fast and fix some bugs
  9. If you feel really comfortable manipulating the code and making your own plugins, I'd say flowstone, but if not, go with paper or tacospigot. Maybe regular spigot If you like to.
  10. It's been three weeks, what did you go with?
  11. Spigot
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  12. I prefer Spigot.
  13. I heard good things about paperspigot. But the problem is not a lot of dev support paperspigot
  14. Nukkit is best

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  15. What are you talking about?... Nukkit is garbage! Well all of the bedrock server software is garbage, the terrain is awful!
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  16. I agree. If I remember correctly, the mob spawning is kinda broken in these versions.
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  17. Kinda? Very broken ;) haha!!! I started up a Nukkit server for poops and haha's once. OMG the terrain was terrible, lines everywhere, and I think there were only 4 biomes? It was horrid!
  18. Oh, that sounds awful. I'm glad that we have Spigot ;)
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  19. I totally agree
  20. Lmao


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