Which plugin is better?

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Which one do you use?

  1. AsyncWorldEdit

  2. Fasy Async WorldEdit

  1. Fast async worldedit is great if you don't mind the lighting bugs. A command is included to resolve that issue however it never worked when I used the plugin over a year ago.
  2. Fast-Async-Worldedit and the only reason I say this is because I've tried to load and paste two .schematic files and the server just lock up(10gb of Ram and only 5 Plugins). One of the build was over 3 million blocks and the other was 15 Million blocks and AsyncWorldEdit couldn't do it. The first try with Fast-Async-Worldedit it loaded it so fast I almost shit my self.
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  3. I have never used FastAsyncWorldedit, but I use AsyncWorldEdit on my 100+ creative server and it works great to reduce lag.
  4. Personally, I would use AsyncWorldEdit, that's what I've always used on my servers.
  5. I'm using:
    - AsyncWorldEdit for players, but is slow. (creative servers)
    - FastAsyncWorldEdit for builders.
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  6. FastAsynchWorldEdit is way way better.

    Just a little fyi:

    AsyncWorldEdit was last updated Aug 27, 2016 :eek:

    While FastAsyncWorldEdit was last updated Feb 8, 2017:)

    Fawe's developer is insane. I only suggest using Fawe on your Server. I believe its optimized a lot more than Awe.
  7. If you're giving your players access to WorldEdit, then I recommend FAWE since it's mainly made for PlotSquared. If you're using WorldEdit for something else, I recommend you use AWE, but it's paid.
  8. I use PlotMe also there is a free version of AWE.
  9. I'd say fastasyncworldedit. Apart from the fact that it's 1000x faster than asyncworldedit, the author/developer is also very active.
  10. The only upside of AsyncWorldEdit I see at this point is it has a PlotMe hook so I am wondering what will happen when I switch over... does FAWE have a PlotMe hook? Or does it automatically hook in..?
  11. Idk about plotme but fawe is made by the same author as plotsqaured. I'm pretty sure they go together.
  12. Just read the plugin page, FAWE supports PlotMe. I just want a few more opinions. :)

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