Which Protocol Plugin Works Best for 1.11-1.12 Support?

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  1. Just a general opinion question:

    I like to keep my server on the latest Minecraft version possible to take advantage of new features and items, but there are a lot of plugins I use that likely won't be compatible with or updated to 1.12 for quite a while.

    As such, for a few weeks or months (depending on how quickly devs get the plugins updated), I plan on staying on 1.11.2, but would like to allow 1.12 players to join.

    In your personal opinion, which protocol plugin should I use?
  2. I haven't seen a protocolhack plugin yet for 1.11.2 servers that allow 1.12 to join. (probably because 1.12 isn't released yet and the protocol can change in between previews) and maybe subscribe to watch the thread of viaversion: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/viaversion.19254/

    [edit]: Also, the plugin is being actively developed: https://ci.viaversion.com/job/ViaVersion-DEV/changes there's a build there with 1.12-pre5 support. But I do not know if this dev build means it's stable enough (do not assume that since it is a dev build) and if you can run it on 1.11.2 and that it will let 1.12 connect even. This might just be the dev build for 1.12 to allow 1.11.2 to connect.

    BTW. To see which plugins currently are-, and aren't compatible yet with 1.12 you can check this wiki page https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/spigot-1-12-plugin-compatibility-list/
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