Which server is better? Your opinion

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  1. Hello gentlemen
    I want to update my server
    I have two servers to choose from and I need help with the selection. Since I looked at a lot of information on the forum and everyone has different thoughts on this.

    AMD Ryzen 5 3600
    64 GB of memory
    512 ssd

    Intel Core i7-6700
    64 GB of memory
    512 ssd
    My current:
    Intel Core i7-4770

    Waiting for an adequate response, do not offer other servers. I really need help solving this problem
  2. So, the end game of this comes down to the higher clock speed

    Minecraft benefits greatly from your single-core/thread clock more than # Phys/Logical cores.

    In this case, the Ryzen wins. It has a higher boost clock.
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  3. Quite honestly, either.

    The AMD Ryzens are very good for servers, and I've seen lots of people swtiching to them.
    Ryzen does however do better mutli-thread tasks. For single threads, which MC mainly is, Intel might be the better choice.

    Honestly, though, either will do perfectly fine.
    Flipping a coin could easily make the right choice.
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  4. This is exactly the problem ..
    In any case, I want to change my old server to a new one.
    It seems to me that someone should answer this question, which had a server on AMD and Intel and probably knows better from experience
  5. Well tbh,

    That Intel Processor was released in 2013. The new Ryzen you mention was released in 2019.

    So actually, that Ryzen would wipe the floor with that Intel on practically everything.

    Edit: Your Current was released in 2013, may bad. However, the 6700 was still released in 2015.
  6. I understand, I read the information about this.
    I just want not to be mistaken with the choice and therefore I approach this very carefully
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  7. Based on benchmarks, the Ryzen is 12%+ better than the Intel one. The Ryzen has better speed (3.6GHz vs 3.4), and for Minecraft you want that faster speed. I personally use the Ryzen 3600 in my gaming PC, and even with several apps open, I can manage to run a localhost server with me and a few friends quite well (pretty similar in performance between 1.12.2 and 1.15.1 from what I can tell, besides the optimizations brought upon us since 1.14).
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  8. Thanks for your experience.
    Waiting for more answers from other people
  9. What hosting company is this please? :3
    If it is a hosting company
  10. hetzner
    UP! Pls, help
  11. Razen all the way compared to that intel
  12. AMD Ryzen 5 3600
    64 GB of memory
    512 ssd

  13. I would choose the Ryzen 3600X, however, be warned that Heztner has little to no ddos protection. You might wanna look into getting a cheap VPS with great ddos protection and GRE tunneling it to your hetzner server.
  14. That Ryzen CPU seems to have better single-core performance, and it was launched three years after that Intel CPU. So I would probably choose the first option.