Which server should I chose?

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Which server would you choose?

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  1. Hello, I am doubting between what server I should pick. I have been doubting what to chose, Here is what I plan to run,
    • How many servers do you run? 1
    • What type of servers do you run? Creative
    • On average, how many players do each of your servers have per day? 75-150
    • One website,
    • Teamspeak (32 slots)

    I7-3770 (8 core, 3.4ghz), 16gb of ram, and 250gb hard drive.
    b) I7-4770 (8 core, 3.4ghz), 8gb of ram, and 250gb hard drive.
    c) I7-2600K (8 core, 3.4-3.8ghz), 16gb of ram, and 2tb sata.

    Thanks, so much in advanced ;)
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  2. I believe b (i7 4770) would be best for CPU performance. If you're planning on only having a single server than 8GB RAM should be enough for 100-150 players depending on plugins and optimization.

    However I would recommend getting a server with an SSD if that's an option. Especially if you're planning to have a large world and you're wanting to back it up often etc. If you have a budget in mind let me know and I'll have a look and recommend any good servers (usually a SYS or OVH would be fine)
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  3. I was thinking 8gb would be too little with the website and os, but good to know. I could always get a small vps from ovh of the other things ;) I think reliablesite.net (Btw thats where a and b servers come from) they have a ssd option but it's only 64gb, which seem quite small. But my server is under 200mb right now, but it's still a small world.

    Also is reliablesite.net a good hosting company? I see them a lot popping around on spigot, plus their ddos protection would be a huge upgrade from the server I have now.
  4. I'd imagine a 64GB SSD would be fine as long as you don't plan to expand with many servers at all. If you're hosting one creative world 64GB should be more than enough, you'll obviously want to backup to an external server/service.

    I did forget about the website part (and TS) so yeah, 8GB may not be enough including that (depending what the site will have) so it could be a good idea just to get an OVH VPS or something for the website alone. As for the OS, if you're running something like CentOS it'll barely use any RAM as long as you don't have lot's of random applications installed.

    As for reliablesite.net I've heard of them a lot around Spigot. I personally haven't used them but I've not seen anything bad and a lot of reputable people on Spigot recommend them so I'd imagine they're a good company.
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  5. Yeah, I have never used centos, only ubuntu, I would prefer to stick to that :p I think I should just have to go with the i7-3770 since it's easier having everything on one machine, even though but my server could easily run on 6gb, but would run better on 8-12gb.

    Plus the single core thread count isn't massively different, i7-4770: 2,230 i7-3770: 2,070. I think I will just stick to the i7-3770, upgrade as my server does :) Thanks for all the help,
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  6. i7-3770 is a great processor and will work just fine for you.
  7. 2GB Server.pro
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  8. Where are you going to have this located?

    The IPC difference is so small between ivy bridge and haswell that it won't matter, I would take the extra 16g of memory.
  9. Psychz-Jimmy


    Price for each spec?
  10. Choose this one: b) I7-4770 (8 core, 3.4ghz), 8gb of ram, and 250gb hard drive.

    But to be honest, screw them all, and go to Server.pro. YOU litterally pay 5 dollars, for 2GB, and i have like 50 plugins on my server, yet over 100 players can join without lag.