Which server should I get against DDoS protection?

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  1. Hey spigoteers,

    I have been getting hit for 6 hours straight by someone with a booter targetting my server, it's time for an upgrade for better DDoS protection. However, I'm stuck on which server to get from OVH.

    My current setup is a 4GB VPS from OVH which has DDoS protection, I use this as a front end for protection, my main box is a SYS server with 32 GB and what not. The main box doesn't really matter, however I am willing to get rid of my front end and just have one server.

    If the 4GB VPS with DDoS protection can't hold up an attack of this size, would upgrading to a dedicated server from OVH be of any difference?

    I'm currently debating on which servers to get, the "Dedicated Servers" or the "Dedicated Game Servers" from OVH, I am also wondering what kind of servers you guys have and how you have dealt with these kids booting you off.

    Dedicated game servers: https://www.ovh.nl/dedicated_servers/game/
    Normal dedicated servers: https://www.ovh.nl/dedicated_servers/

    Thanks in advance!
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  2. dox them and fucking beat them up irl

    fuck ddos protection
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  3. Strahan


    Find out what level of DDoS protection your current server has, then find out how much the dedi has. That will tell you if it's worth it or not. DDoS mitigation is quantified by how much bandwidth they can sustain and remain in operation, so compare numbers.
  4. Correct me if I'm wrong, so this would mean that a bigger and better server would have better protection? This is the little chart I have in front of me, and since the "Dedicated Servers, Dedicated Cloud and VPS" are in the same "Anti-DDoS protection tab my mind is boggled.

  5. MikeA

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    You should use the dedicated server as a frontend to protect against attacks, not the VPS. The dedicated server has more (and unshared) resources to handle any attack better if it's causing load from something on the server (i.e. web server or SQL attack.) I've literally never seen a DDoS attack cause a Minecraft server I host to go down except for the seconds it takes for it to start mitigating an attack, so you seem to have a different problem causing this or a vulnerability with software running.

    Also, get a tcpdump of the traffic to your IP when the attack or problem happens.
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  6. Strahan


    No, not necessarily. DDoS mitigation is not something tied to the system being protected. I could put a 5 Tbps DDoS mitigation package on a 512MB Atom based system, lol. The one isn't married to the other. Now, when comparing on the same vendor it would be logical to assume the protection scales with the package but I'd verify that rather than assume.
  7. I would never compare numbers, the filter quality is much more important than the filter capacity. OVH is struggling with many TCP attacks, and I've heard from cases where a 3Gbps TCP attack was enough to take down a OVH server.

    But I'm also wondering if he is sure that his OVH VPS is really going down because of a ddos attack.
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  8. Strahan


    That's like saying a car cannot go 200 miles per hour. The fact it is a car is irrelevant; what matters is the engine. The network that serves the VPS determines whether or not it can withstand DDoS. The fact that it is a VPS is not relevant.