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  1. I've choose thees 3 machines out from SYS however I'm having a hard time choosing one of them. This will be running a network with 6 servers.



    All have 32GB ram. The first two have a xeon 1225v2 and the third has a 4790k. The first two are $49 and the third is $59. The 4790k obliviously has better performance, but for $10 more will I notice the difference enough? If I go with one of the first two options, should I opt for the SSD or HDD configuration? I understand the SSD will be faster, but in terms of loading world regions will there be a substantial difference?
  2. Note that the first two are quad core quad thread, while the game server is quad core octa (8) thread. This should definitely give you a big advantage over the others, other than the fact that the game server also has 0.4 GHz extra. The 0.4 GHz extra isn't such a big deal, the the 4 extra threads is. Go with the game server.

    EDIT: Also, the game servers have better network such as better DDoS protection and 250 Mbps EXTRA (500 total) bandwidth.
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  3. The i7-4790K is the best out of these.
    You likely won't notice the difference with the servers under low load, however once they are under a reasonable load, you'll see the benefits.
    I would also go for an SSD if you can.
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