Which type of hosting should I use?

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  1. Hello,
    I am starting a new server, and during the development period, I have been home hosted on a laptop running CentOS 6.6. I used to think that I would be able to run the server off it for a few months until I got enough money to buy a dedicated server, but recently, I found out how weak the CPU is (Intel i5-3210M). I like the ability to have root access to my machine I am hosting on, yet, my budget is extremely low.

    Would you recommend I stay with my current plan, and use this machine to host the server for the first few months, then move on to a VPS/Dedi? Or should I go ahead with a VPS/Shared hosting?

    I have decent network speeds, averaging about 120 Mbps during the day and around 90 Mbps during the night, and the laptop is running in a good environment 24/7.
  2. Since you like root access, Shared hosting and Multicraft will literally make you cry.

    What is your budget? $5/mo? $10/mo? $20/mo? :p
  3. If you have a low budget try out kimsfufi or soyoustart for dedicated servers. If not them, go with a vps
    Also do you want to host a single server or a network?
  4. I'm hosting a single server right now, and may be looking to expand in the future. I want to start out at $10-$20/mo max, mainly because I am just opening, and not expecting a huge amount of players. At this point, I'm considering a VPS, but not sure about how CPU would work (I don't want my server to lag out due to someone else hogging CPU resources, even if only for an hour or two). As for Kimsufi, I'm not sure about the processors they are using. The KS-4, which has the i7 920, is already around my maximum budget, yet, the CPU has around equivalent power to the i5-3210M, which I am already using (Based on some googling).
  5. Try out a vps for the first couple of months then if ya get a good amount of donations switch to a soyoustart dedicated.
  6. Do you have any suggestions for good VPS providers or anyone in general you've had good experiences in the past with before?
  7. Try Out Amazon EC2...You can do a trial run there for free and pay as you go.
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  8. Uh demonvps is the only one I've used for minecraft servers on a vps