Which version of Java?

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Which version of Java are you running?

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  1. Java 8

  2. Java 7

  3. Java 6

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  4. Java 5 or below.

  1. Java 8 has some new functions, which some developers (including me) might want to use, but I'm aware that some server owners might not be running their server with the latest Java.

    I would like to find out an indicative figure on how much servers out there are using Java8.

    It would be greatly appreciated if you can contribute towards getting this information.

  2. AFAIK most servers sre still using Java 7. I have Java 8 on my computer but 7 on my server.
  3. The Java 8 JRE is backward compatible with Java 7 developed software. This means that plugins developed using the Java 7 JDK should likely work in Java 8.

    With Java 7 being deprecated and no longer supported by Oracle, not running the Java 8 JRE is, at this point, just something that will make people laugh at you.

    Note: Developing in the Java 7 JDK is a different matter. Do not confuse it with the JRE / what I have mentioned above.
  4. Java 8 was released over a year ago, why aren't people updating?
  5. I use Java 8, I thought people would've updated by now.
  6. na, if you start using something like Base64.. it won't work with Java7 and below..unless you use sun's package.
  7. Java 1.8.0 preferably for best performance from server's perspective along the lines, if you're a developer then Java 1.7.0, as majority of the servers are still on that specific version and will for a long time as the hosting providers don't realize that a update is available.
    Java 1.6.0 is lacking some content and servers or more specifically the hosters that still uses this version should reconsider what they're doing.
  8. Yeah, I would recommend using Java 8. Better performance, in my point of view and some plugins do not work using Java 7.
  9. some days ago, I moved to java 8, and I thing server has better TPS, but this is my personal opinion.
  10. How can you "think the server has better TPS" and claim that your server having better TPS is your opinion? o_O Either it has better TPS, or it doesn't - It's not an opinion, it's a fact...

    Besides, you should always use the latest update of Java. I never support outdated software myself, and no other developer should be forced to do so either :]
  11. my server have 200+ mods, and on java 7 has more lags, but when I beginning use java 8, play became more comfortable. It's only my opinion! maybe it's just a coincidence.
  12. Why on earth would you need 200+ mods/plugins? o__o
  13. Too soon.
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  14. It server for me and my crazy friends, they wanna more, more mods, and at the end 200+ ))) and I say more, map is 100gb )) tps on that server never 20, at best 18 ))
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  15. Mistyped, meant java 7.
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  16. @vk2gpz
    Well actually it depends on what scale you are targetting. If you intend to develop for larger applications I would currently recommend to still use Java 7 on a Java 8 JVM as it will prevent you from using some features of Java 8 that can - and probably will - introduce bottlenecks to your code.

    One example are lambdas. Java 8 introduced all of us to Functional Interfaces. These interfaces contain exactly one method so that any lambda may be treated as a functional interface instance. The thing is though, that once you begin to heavily use lambdas you may create bottlenecks:
    (image taken from this Oracle study: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/jvmls2013kuksen-2014088.pdf)

    I've experienced that lambdas may actually break down performance significantly on several larger projects by now and by simply developing on Java 7 until their performance gets improved will prevent me from using them intuitively. I do fully agree with you, if you say that lamdas are easy and nice to use and they might even feel better, but depending on how performant your plugin needs to be on a large-scale application you might want to reconsider the usage of lambdas.

    So as for me: I'm sticking with Java 7 on a Java 8 JVM (a bit weird, I do admit).

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