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Bug whitelist doesn't work on multicraft when making new server

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by ChillerKraft, Jun 21, 2015.

  1. says this, etc
    please ask me what information you need from me
    whitelist is on, online mode is on, using latest spigot
    i'll post some more info below like what it says when i join and my spigot version although this has been happening to me for many years and it has never been resolved. i'm using multicraft with hosthorde.
    i don't know if this always happens or not, but it does happen a lot when i rebuild my whole server from scratch. i usually need to turn whitelist off, join the server, whitelist myself, stop the server and turn whitelist on, then whitelisting will start working after next server start.

    actually nvm, i don't need to stop the server, once i join the server, i can turn whitelist back on and then i'm able to whitelist myself, and join

    I made a pastebin for the log portion containing all this quoted info :)
  2. Could be a permissions issue, can the server write to the whitelist file?
  3. no clue.. all i know is it only lets me whitelist myself (owner) after i join the server with whitelist off first.
  4. Hayden


    Usernames can only be names of players in Mojang's database. Or atleast that's how it is on my server.
  5. yes of course. what did you think i did? :p my mc username is ChillerKraft and that's the name i was using. i'm sure that's not the issue
  6. Didn't actually read the whole thread, but I noticed a person needs to join the server once, then whitelist will work properly.

    For example if If I never joined your server and you added me to your whitelist I still could not join.
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  7. not true
    once i get myself whitelisted correctly, whitelisting starts working normally. i can add more people to the whitelist and they can join fine, like it should.
    i just always have a problem whitelisting the first person who joins the server, which is always me since it's when i'm rebuilding the server and doing work on it, and i only want myself to be able to join.
    ty for trying though

    let me recap based on what you said.
    once i get myself whitelisted and able to join while whitelist is on,
    i can add any username to the whitelist and they will be able to join without problem.
    its only the very first person joining where i have this problem.

    maybe it has to do with me deleting my whole visible FTP before i rebuild my servers? maybe something needs to refresh and or reset or resync having to do with contacting mojang from the server??? anyone have any ideas?
  8. Hayden


    Offline mode?
  9. Regenerate the whitelist.json
  10. it happens in both online mode and offline mode. i've done lots of builds that started both ways and the same thing would occur both of those ways.
    i've tried this on multiple occasions, it doesn't fix it either.
  11. hmmm.. i'm noticing this now... i have to turn off the whitelist and let the person join the server before i can add them to the whitelist
    WTF thats so messed up.
  12. I first found this bug on 1.6.x
  13. minecraft 1.6.x??? i wouldn't be suprised
    i have asked sooooo many people about this even the best people in this game... but they don't use multicraft so they don't knoww! it's insanity
    even the host companies running multicraft don't know. and i even asked multicraft support themselves. they don't know either.
  14. It's a minecraft issue not multicraft's
  15. what do you know about it?
  16. got this back from my server host.
    it happens with online mode on AND off, it doesn't have to do with the player being premium, there was no typos, and i really doubt the mojang authentication servers are down as often as this issue happens.
  17. strange devlopment to this issue

    i have 3 servers with hosthorde.
    the 1 i was using today, still isn't letting me whitelist players who haven't joined YET a new one i just built now, IS letting me whitelist nonjoined players!!! :S:S:S
  18. new fricken development that might dam hosthorde to hell
    i rebuilt the previous server that i built earlier today that had the whitelist issue, and did it exactly the same as the one i just built 20 mins ago(the one where whitelisting worked), and it still has the same issue!
    there is indeed a problem with that specific server on the systems!!!
    2 servers, different ip completely, same host, exact same rebuild, but one can whitelist unjoined players and the other one cant
  19. yes indeed
    that's whats going on
    s1.hosthorde.com <- whitelisting works here, after rebuilding 3 times with same results
    s38.hosthorde.com and s39.hosthorde.com <- built exact same as s1., 3 times, and whitelisting is only a problem on these 2.
  20. turn whitelist on manualy? /whitelist on