Spigot WhiteListPerm 1.2

Grant access to your server with a permission.

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    WhiteListPerm - Grant access to your server with a permission.

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  2. I dont see the point of this plugin i rather use the normal Whitelist plugin doesnt take take more room up
  3. This is mainly intended for a scenario where you may need to white-list your public server, but still want to allow legitimate players to join.

    For example, your server IP gets posted on a site that it shouldn't be on, and your server gets swarmed with trolls.
    You don't want to keep your senior members and staff from being able to play, and you don't want to go through all your members adding them to the white-list.
    You could just give their group the whitelist.join perm and enable this white-list.

    It is a simple plugin, I figured others could benefit from it, that's why I posted.
  4. oo ok then
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    Version 1.1

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  6. @coolv1994

    Doesn,t work me :( I add whitelist.join to my players, but they can't login, you are not whitelited on the server...
  7. What permission system are you using?
  8. I use PEX so I give the permission to my text player, but doesn't work, but I use the whitelist spigot.jar base system, so I continue to use it :p Thanks anyway for this plugin ;)