WHMCS without PayPal Buisness account

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  1. I would like to know if whmcs be default can work with a non buisness paypal account.

    If it doesn't, what kind of modification would need to be done for it to work similar to buycraft, where you don't have to have access to IPN settings.
  2. It can work with any type of PayPal account
  3. WHMCS won't notice the minor changes in the type of account, so you're free to use any type of method to purchase.
  4. *facepalm* I meant the account used to sell products/services on WHMCS.
  5. You can use any type of PayPal account to sell things via WHMCS. I've used both a business and personal PayPal on numerous tests and they both work just fine.
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  6. That's great, I was trying to use boxbilling and it turned out it wouldn't work without a business acount. Only wish WHMCS was more around 14$ instead of $17 :p
  7. Blesta is a fantastic alternative to WHMCS and is priced at $13/mo (or $12/mo, I forget).
  8. Does that also work without setting up PayPal IPN?

    Edit: Blesta looks a lot simpler and cleaner than WHMCS, I probably will go for it. When I tested WHMCS it just had way to many tabs and stuff which I would probably never use. I perfer something simple, like Buycraft, and Blesta seems to be that solution.
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  9. I do believe so, not sure.
  10. Paypal Payments Pro + a business account is the way to go for any WHMCS setup with 100+ customers.
  11. I am not planning on having that many. Maybe 20
  12. Make sure your paypal is verified so your account does not get frozen.
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    If WHMCS was priced at $50/mo, it would still be a complete steal. It does more than most software does at a fraction of the price.
  14. Except I prefer something simpler and not overflowing with features. ::p
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    Can't remember when someone complained about too many features! There are a ton of options in the hosting world for billing.
  16. I just really need something simple to handle about 10-20 customers, which I currently do by hand (about 7 now).
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    What about Blesta?


    I haven't used it personally, but I really like the looks and hear good things.
  18. That is who I am going with
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    Awesome, let me know how it goes!
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  20. I can confirm Blesta works without a buisness PayPal account.
    Blesta by default, looks very nice. I did however change the color scheme, take a look http://clientarea.mcworld.me/