Who is the best server host?

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  1. I want to know who is the best server host not looking for cheapest ram but best server overall including ddos protection and best cpu usage?
  2. Shared or dedicated?
  3. If you don't care about the price, and need DDoS protection that works out of the box:

  4. Well what would be a easy to pay price for a new server with ddos protection, One that i was looking at would be Mcprohosting?
  5. This is why bukkit forums ruined spigot.
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  6. Then who do you know, or believe to be the best server host?
  7. McProHosting doesn't sell dedicated servers. (They do but they are overpriced for what it offers). I recommend OVH, SoYouStart, or Kimsufib(All owned by OVH).

    If you want high quality ReliableSite is the one.
    And securedservers
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  8. But Intreppid is less reliable than OVH's VPS' :/
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  9. Imo the best would be Psychz. @Psychz-Jimmy
    They have a higher price tag but have been extremely reliable for me. Definitely something you should consider if you're a larger server, though their pricing isn't exactly friendly for anyone looking to make a small startup server.
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  10. How so?
  11. TitanicFreak


    I personally use @Intreppid on my network. (play.minesuperior.com), I can safely say Intreppid is far more reliable than OVH's network.

    More consistent network performance, actual higher capacity for TCP attacks, I could go on.

    The only way Intreppid has terrible performance is their LA datacenter, it leaves much to be desired, but most servers just use GRE tunnels or their NYC location anyway.
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  12. Not true. I believe LA even has higher capacity.
  13. TitanicFreak


    I've had constant problems in their LA center from my experience, constant network outages and insane latency problems.

    Granted they did get fixed those eventually, I just rather would use SS or some other well known provider w/ a Staminus GRE tunnel.
  14. The only major problems that have been "logged" in the past was the massive outage in April of 2014 with the CoxComm fiber cut.
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  15. To add onto this point, servers like badlion that pass large amounts of traffic over GRE are sometimes unstable. If I were to use their NYC location, I'd go for a dedicated server on their network to guarantee no additional latency and a guarantee you won't be portscanned.

    OP wants a dedicated server.
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  16. TitanicFreak


    Alright then, but for Staminus as a whole, I think both of us can agree Staminus has been one of the more reliable providers... >.>
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  17. Psychz-Jimmy


    Thanks for the recommendation, our price is a bit higher but it's well worth it if you need the DDoS mitigation.
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  18. Okay i am gonna take a look at all of these and see which one provides the best for what i am looking for.
  19. SoYouStart
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