Who wants to see a plugin that you can UpgradeSpawners

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  1. Name: UpgradableSpawners
    Idea: Fully customizable spawner upgrade system via gui. You can create your own tiers that you can make the mobs drop custom items, and or change the spawn rate? If you want me to create this plugin please say so here, If I decided to make it, Ill keep you updated in this fourms post

  2. I think this would be an amazing plugin once you're completely finished! Great idea, please keep me updated.
  3. Im gonna upload the first couple of versions free, and fix the bugs, Then make it premium for more support, and additions later on
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    How so? you listed a few features a plugin already has, Also that plugin is already optimized and has way more, Could you tell me how its "unique" instead of making claims??
  6. It is unique, because you can change what the mob drops when it dies for example: Tier 5: Emerald, If you buy tier 5, It would drop emerald other than lets say iron ingots.
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    Yeah... Like i said,
  8. Well fine then, I wont do it. Meanie, I just wanted to create a free upgradable spawner plugin with custom drops and stuff. (and Don't say EpicSpawners Lite)
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    Wasn't saying you shouldn't just pointing it out, If you're doing it for free id 100% say go for it, But before you said you'll make it premium and there is already one, Also no, Epicspawners lite cant do it if im right, So go for it,
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    EpicSpawners Lite...

    I’m sure some people would appreciate a plugin like EpicSpawners but free. If you want to create it then go for it.
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