Why can't i use packets?

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  1. Hi Spigot

    I have now tried a lot to figured out why i can't use packets. Then i create the code, example with a CraftPlayer it jsut give me a error, but i can't import any CraftPlayer???
    I use maven if it's to any help ;)

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    You also need to add the server JAR as a dependency in Maven.
    The API JAR doesn't provide any packet classes or such things.
  3. You don't need Maven for it
  4. And how do it looks like?
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    He is using Maven, so you add the server JAR as a dependency in your pom.xml.
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    Code (Text):
    // The path in the systemPath is an example.
  7. Okay then i also need to but the spigot server jar there my path go to right?
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    The path is where your JAR is located, so if you mean you need to put it into "D:\Workspace\Libraries\" the answer is no.
  9. Sorry for the simple question, but I really not understand it :( what jar are you meaning and how do I find it location?
  10. @Serializator you should use the jar installed in your local repo rather than the system scope.
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  11. Whilst I agree, usually it's so much easier and quicker to add it to a folder within the project root. Like ${project.basedir}/lib/spigot.jar
  12. Upon running BuildTools, the server artifact gets put in your local repo so it's actually easier than specifying a system path.
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  13. Okay can I so get a step by step guide of this? Because I really not understand what you are meaning :S
  14. You said in your first post you use maven. So you probably have a basic understanding on how to use maven or? Then this is the answer you are looking for

  15. Ah, well I don't run BT on my local PC, I'd be waiting centuries.
  16. You can still install it manually :p.
  17. Laziness dictates that I do it via the system scope.
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