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  1. ok hey, this message is a question to the big community of skilled developers
    or even normal users with coding knowledge
    who actually are getting reviews for their projects unlike me.

    it is so depressing. that I'm working on plugins. to improve me in coding.
    and i keep not improving. so I try to do small projects and wait for people reviews
    to do something to improve because it is god damn hard for me:cry:.
    but no one replies, and i have some of them with over 18 downloads. not a lot
    but 0 reviews. I just don't know what to do anymore
    for the last 7 months, I've been trying to learn. to improve. but I just
    cannot achieve my dream
    is there anyone who feels me and could help me at any point:rolleyes:
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  2. From a customer standpoint, all your plugins are pretty simple and are included commands with most bigger plugins. If you want more downloads/more attention. Come up with something more unique, custom, practical, useful etc...
  3. You can also join servers and potentially market it to friends & newer servers if you have plugins of. interest.
  4. 1) Download count has nothing to do with the amount of reviews you will get. Ex: I have a plugin (HungerGames) with more than 8300 downloads, but only 36 reviews. Thats roughly 1 review every 230 downloads.

    This is completely accurate.
    I took a peak at your plugins, and your plugins bring nothing new to the community. EasyHeal/EasyFly/EasyBroadcast/Gmcommands are all things that are apart of EssentialsX/CMI/any core really. Personally Im not going to download/install a plugin that has one function/command. I don't need to have 300 plugins on my server, 1 plugin per feature/command. This is why cores exist.
    Not to rain on your parade, but heal/fly/GM/Broadcast/etc, these kind of plugins have been DONE... TO.... DEATH!!! They're generally the product of watching a YouTube tutorial to learn java/plugin development.

    3) People leave reviews on 2 conditions:
    b) They absolutely hate the plugin and/or its just a janky/garbage plugin

    That said... many many many users will download a plugin, not really care for it, and move on. They didn't love it, but they didn't hate it, it just wasn't for them. These people, aren't going to bother leaving a review.
    In the case of your plugins, as already stated, they bring absolutely nothing new to the community, so people aren't going to spend time reviewing them. They most likely downloaded them thinking "oooOOOooo something new" ... then quickly realized they aren't anything new.

    4) Im not going to delve into detail, but looking at the code for your fly plugin, it looks like it won't even work. The player will apparently need fly.use and fly.admin permission just to be able to fly (this is in your flyMethod method), also you have a list of player's currently flying, do note this list is only active whilst the server is online. Stop/Restart will clear this list. When a player joins after a server restart, they might be flying but they won't be in the list. There are methods in the Bukkit/Spigot API for checking if a player is currently allowed to fly ... these should be used vs creating a list of players.

    In Summary:
    Write plugins that actually bring something new/interesting to the community. As stated heal/gamemode/fly/broadcast plugins have been done to death. Don't expect much from them. Basically, if essentialsX has it, don't bother.
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    If you want to improve code quality you can also publish your source in the dev subforum, there's plenty of members that can give constructive feedback.
  6. thanks, this answer alot, i do have alot of ideas, the point is in my level of coding i cannot achive it ):
  7. thanks!, I am for a while working on a little thing, it is a VERY good idea.
    but i can't really make everything i want because in my level of coding i haven't reached that point
    to do big promising projects.