Why change all sound files??

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  1. Ok, just a simple question. Why did the developers change all the sounds?? It makes it harder to make it compatible with 1.9 and 1.10 from going from 1.8.
  2. I'm pretty sure they wanted to make it "easier" to define what sound is made by a block and what is made by an entity etc.

    Like WITHER_SHOOT is now ENTITY_WITHER_SHOOT. If you are talking about playsound it would '.'s instead of _'s
    Hope I helped
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    I think actually mojang did the change and the spigot team just adopted.
  4. I wish they would change it back ;-;..
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  6. How else am I supposed to convert 1.8 sounds to 1.9.. for compatibility?
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    mojang doesn't care about compability. and there are guides on this forum on how to be compatible.