Why did my Crates plugin get Removed?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by DocDrewskii, Jun 2, 2018.

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    You coded it did you?
    Then please explain why the plugin.yml author said @iCodeTits and the package was me.icodetits.customCrates
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  3. Well, I never decompiled it, and I was told it was VakarisDev's plugin and he said I could use it, and post it to spigot, I think he was trying to get me banned, because He hates me, because We used to work on the same server and we never saw Eye to Eye and we ended the server on a bad note, It was Stolen, and He was mad, because they messed up everything an set us way back, and I didn't feel like paying for a server that the "Developer" didn't even try to fix, So I thought it was the best course of action, but he was mad.
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    Your claims don't really seem to add up. Regardless, if you're going to publish someone else's work, you should have written consent from them. Take a picture of them indicating that you were granted permission or some other form of written consent (even just them replying to the resource would suffice). That should have been posted in the resource description.
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  5. Well, He said that I could use it in call, so I don't have written proof. I'll just accept the loss, and not upload it.
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  6. Or get him to post in this thread to show everybody he is fine with it?
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  7. But according to mk_5, It isnt vakarisdev's plugin, It is @iCodeTits plugin, and he is a very hard to reach man.
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