Why do people use 1.8?

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  1. Hey there, Yes. Oh hell yes. I know this is controversial but I'm just curious as to why people stick to using 1.8 over the latest version?

    If you haven't been able to tell yet.. yes, I use and fully support the latest version (currently 1.12.x) and I don't know why there are a lot of people who passionately stick to 1.8. I mean yeah, I get the whole "1.9 pvp is trash go kys" but is it really? Do people just dislike the latest pvp because it requires more skill and winning a fight is no longer about who has the highest cps? Or because using killaura was just so amazing back then?

    The only purpose I have ever seen the usage of old versions necessary is on large server networks. Obviously being able to support multiple versions is a smart move.. players who love old versions will now be able to join your server. Great more players! But this is just a loop. If players always used the latest versions servers wouldn't need to do this and in a way when servers do do this, it just supports using older versions. If servers like Mineplex, Hypixel etc just made a big step and jumped to 1.12 it would set an example for other servers. Obviously they can't now because business wise that wouldn't be the smartest idea as all the 1.8 enthusiasts would have an out cry and the server would probably loose some of their player base. But because these servers support old versions in 'inspires' other server owners to do this also thus spreading the usage of older versions so players have no reason to update their version.

    My point being here is I'm just so lost as to why people use 1.8 I mean if you hate the 1.9 pvp just use a plugin like this or if you hate the new end or other world generation then just create or use a 1.8 world generator. There are compromises to change back to the old mechanics.

    My last point being it is almost always better to use the latest version development-wise aswell. There are new patches, methods and ways of doing things that are easier and more efficient in 1.12 than 1.8. Developers can use the per-durability item texture feature that came in 1.9 its amazing. No more per item textures! If you are using nms the amount of reflection developers use to make a plugin compatible with other versions is both insane and annoying.

    Thanks for reading.
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  2. In my opinion, 1.8 was the best version of Minecraft but sadly with too many bugs. I believe that 1.8 just "stuck" with players because of how enjoyable the pvp aspect is, because of how many servers started with 1.8 and got really popular etc. Sadly, there are still users who prefer to use 1.8 and have upwards support rather than have software which runs on the latest version of MC, has backwards support, can be patched to have the same mechanics as in 1.8, and in general is more future-proof, less buggy, offers a bigger range of features and much more.
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  3. I think this discussion came up "one or two" times before.

    As far as statistics are concerned, servers with 1.8.x-versions are not the majority.
    https://minecraft-statistic.net/en/global_statistic.html (scroll down).
    The thing is, as a player you can't always tell wether a server uses backwards or forward-compatibility, because the new stuff won't be avaiable on both. Even the pvp can be patched.
    Really big servers probably have custom-or patched server-versions anyway, since they have the means to pay people to do that for them.

    In another thread here, someone posted the statistics of his server for the client-versions of their users. Most play on 1.12+ and I am pretty sure this is no special case. People are lazy.

    I am convinced only a (very loud) minority is still promoting outdated server-hardware, because it's somewhat cool to do so. (I'll not judge highly specialised modded or hcf-servers here, since I have no idea about those).
    Newbie server-administrators very easily fall for their narrative.
  4. I think laziness is one of the keywords here, other than the fact that people are also bound to the 1.8 PVP system for some reason. I don't understand why. How can you not adapt to some game change? I really don't see how spamming your mouse brainlessly is better than our current PVP system, but I guess I will never understand.

    For servers such as Hypixel, it's just laziness. Why bother updating your entire network, plugins, and possibly infrastructure, if you could just support the new protocol with the drag & drop of a plugin. That's what people consider to be updating nowadays. I hope the 1.13 update is gonna break things, maybe people will now go back to real updating and using software the proper way.
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  5. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    being perfectly honest, I'm currently working on a 1.8 server, which is requiring me to also maintain my own fork of the server software. It's easy to say "You should be using the latest!", and you know what, I should; It would make it easier for me to say, bring forward patches that I work on personally and bring them across. My major justification is that I know what I'm doing, I'm not going to expect somebody to be there to hold my hand and fix my issues for me (and honestly, for spigot and paper, I still maintain an "I'm not going to provide support for outdated software, you should be capable of maintaining it yourself"), it's drastically increasing my workload;

    But, I create servers for my friends, the people who I wanna play alongside are more happy with 1.8 style PvP. it's really easy to say "BUT YOU CAN REVERT IT WITH PLUGINS?!?!?!?!!!", but the matter of fact is that you can't, you can revert some of the behavioral mechanics, but there are changes which can't. Even as somebody who isn't a PvPer, I can tell the difference, and honestly, 1.9+ turns pvp into a sluggish wait-and-click-fest, and I'm not even familiar all that much with PvP.
    my honest long-term goal is to look into an optional mod for 1.13+ which will hopefully tweak some of the aspects around which make people unhappy with 1.13.

    "it's just laziness" is also wholly incorrect, don't get me wrong, there are some servers still on 1.8 because the owner can't be assed, but places like Hypixel can't just "bang a plugin in there", they actually have to add support for the protocol into their network, maintaining support for a older protocol is more than likely 0 effort. They could easily drop support for versions more than likely in a heartbeat. infrastructure has nothing to do with mc updates, and for large servers, a fair chunk of them run custom software, following spigot just isn't viable for any large server. Spigot releases too slow, and more often than not, you end up needing stuff on top of the server to support your needs, e.g. additional API, performance tweaks, etc, etc...
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  6. Because any version above 1.8 is trash
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  7. Well done, such a constructive argument. You might as well go trash somewhere else.
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  8. MiniDigger


    The only acceptable way to run an outdated server is doing it like electronicboy and large servers do it: maintain forks of all plugins and the server so you can patch bug and include improvements yourself. Else it's literally suicide. The amount of bugs, critical bugs, in that version is insane.

    Generally, I think that ppl are way to conservative about change. Yes, the pvp changed. Why not embrace that? That change introduced an amazing new gameplay mechanic: attack speed. This could give content creators for big servers so much freedom to design truly unique weapons. Instead they just revert the attack speed back to old values for all weapons. That way you still have some differences, yes, but really, players should be able to adapt them.
    So yeah, if you feel like you want to cater stupid, change fighting ppl and run a 1.8 server, be sure to be able to roll a fork of paper or spigot and update plugins yourself. Do not force developers to join you into that pain zone, unless you are able to compensate them for their pain. Developers of public plugins want to use the new stuff Mojang and spigot (and it's contributors) come up. For example, there is a custom pathfinder api in the pipeline which will drop soon, so you are able to modify and create whole new pathfinders for all kinds of mobs, without hacking into the server. Developers want to use that. Please don't force them to stop it but trying to get them use support ancient versions.
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  9. 1.8 is the best in my opinion :D
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  10. MiniDigger


    Its funny how 1.8 ppl completly fail to provide proper arguments.
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  11. As many replies above have stated, people use 1.8 versions and below for the PvP mechanics. Yes you can revert some (If not all) of the new PvP mechanics, however this may cause issues like false flags in anti-cheats and (possibly) performance issues. Which is why most servers that want 1.8 PvP mechanics stick to using 1.8 servers. 1.8 has many, many issues and running a server on outdated software is never a good idea, but if you maintain the software yourself and patch issues I don't see the problem.

    I would also like to add my opinion on the 1.8 PvP mechanics. I believe it's a huge misconception that 1.8 PvP is just about clicking fast, it's also about aim and movement. I believe 1.8 audience is more competitive than later versions, as many players dedicate hours into practicing their PvP methods. This could also be the reason why so many 1.8 players don't enjoy the new PvP mechanics, they don't want to develop their skills all over again for the latest versions.
  12. As I've stated before, my server depends on several plugins that have not been updated for newer versions of Minecraft. And it sounds like 1.13 will break even more plugins. So I have 1.8.8 and a collection of plugins that is stable and works well.

    EDIT: I would actually prefer 1.6.4, because the 1.7+ world generator sucks.
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  13. If you know what you're doing and you have stable and working software for 1.8, there's no real reason to update unless the majority of your player base demands so or that version becomes not used by >5% of servers any more (or something).
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  14. Omnivion


    Probably the best explanation I've seen.

    You can't force players to like the new versions. All the money is on 1.7/1.8.
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  15. FormallyMyles


    A lot of it is because how easy it is to support 1.8.

    Source: I'm a terrible person.
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  16. Do you know more than other stash user in connection with the PathfinderGoalAPI ? Did you talk with 2008Choco ?
  17. reads title, clicks thread, posts reply: because that's the jar they find online and can't figure out how to compile because they want it now now now and not after 5 minutes of wiki reading.
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  18. I think one reason why people still use 1.8 is that they aren't able, willing or keen enough to experiment with what 1.9+ offers. Vanilla Minecraft doesn't seem to make much out of the new pvp system. Punching works different now; depending on whether you like it or not, it's either a challenge or annoying but hardly more interesting for a player. I don't really enjoy the new pvp system itself - mostly becaues I suck at it. What I like though are the possibilities the new system offers.
    So I made a few custom weapons using NMS item attributes and MCPatcher's / OptiFine's CIT function. The heavier ones, like claymores or longswords, are harder to use, the lighter ones like rapiers feel similar or nearly equal (daggers) to 1.8 pvp. Even though I've got to admit that I failed to balance these weapons perfectly until today, my players seem to like it and I don't remember a single one complaining because of 1.8 nostalgia.

    The real gift of Minecraft 1.9 are the dynamics it offers. Weapons in 1.8 can be weaker or stronger, but you can hardly make them work differently sothat players can choose one of equally well working ones out of personal preference. Mojang made a brave step throwing away the old system, but except shields, they didn't add any exciting new stuff at all to make use of what they did. And that's why 1.9 pvp feels like an overly complicated, useless system.
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  19. Literally only like it for the pvp. If I could have the latest version and maintain 1.8 pvp I would.

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  20. There is a mirror to download them there!

    You should make a tutorial for that :0