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Bug Why does it say "Kicked for Flying" when players jump?

Discussion in 'Bugs & Feature Requests' started by PrinceMC, Jun 2, 2015.

  1. Hello.

    On my server that I'm currently making, I jumped on the spot and it just started glitching me in the air. After a few seconds, it kicks me and says "Kicked for Flying". I wasn't flying and I don't have any hack clients or anything, I do have OptiFine if that's an issue though (which I don't think it is). When I am in creative and I jump, everything is fine so it's just for survival. I really can't open my server in the future if this keeps on happening otherwise, players will leave the server because of this massive glitch that I can't find a solution to.

    I am currently using the latest version of Spigot that my host has to offer (1.8), I am using the latest version of every plugin and all of the configuration files are set up correctly. I tried doing /plugins and nothing comes up red, all green. All of my plugins are working perfectly.

    I checked my server console for errors and I even checked the crash reports; there were no errors whatsoever. I really need to find out what is happening. I've tried searching this issue in case anyone else had it but I can't seem to find it.

    Thanks for all help/advice,
    - PrinceMC

    EDIT: Now it is happening whenever I WALK in survival mode.
    EDIT 2: Okay, this is insane! I turned allow-flight to enabled and it's still glitching! Now it's every time I look around, it puts me 10 blocks in the air and glitches me down and up a couple of blocks every 0.5 second. This is really pissing me off. I tried restarting my server (/restart) and it still does the same thing. Keep in mind that this was happening BEFORE I installed ANY plugins.
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  2. This sounds like the server or client simply isn't running on powerful enough hardware. However, if you can't test that, try to figure out why the player is glitching in the air. When the player gets stuck in the air, the server notices they aren't on the ground; and staying in the air too long is considered flying.
  3. I'll ask my server host if it's just the RAM on my server, because it's quite small. I don't really have the money to upgrade it though, so I might just have to wait until my first server gets more donations. :/ If that is the case then that's what I will do. Thanks for your help.

    BTW: My server host takes around 1 - 3 days to reply depending on how many tickets are opened for them to answer.
  4. You really should get a different host.

    Also, could you post a video of the error?
  5. Seems like just a glitch, i would turn allow-flight to true just to avoid it for now.
  6. Though depending on how many players you plan to have, and how many/big your plugins are, 1GB or memory dedicated to the MC server is generally minimum requirement.
    If you plan to have around 8 or less, and just a small handful of plugins, 1GB is about enough, maybe around 750MB you could slide by with.
  7. Like others suggested, if you are not afraid of hackers or have an anti-cheat plugin, to "fix" this you need to set allow-flight in your server.properties to true like:
    Code (serverproperties (Unknown Language)):
  8. I own more servers with this host and they are all working perfectly.

    If I do that, players that join will have access to fly if they are using a hack client.

    Does NoCheatPlus w/ CompatNoCheatPlus block hack clients flying hack? If it does, then I will have no problem setting this to true.

    I'm using a little bit higher than the amount of plugins on my other server. My other server is Prison and this one is OP Prison. I have maybe 4 extra plugins. This issue was happening before I even got any plugins. I had to /op myself from the console and go into /gmc to stop glitching because I was in the air when I spawned.
  9. I really need this fixed A.S.A.P!
  11. Maybe you have an anticheat that provide that.
  12. NoCheatPlus blocks Fly Hacks ;)
  13. Make sure that your anticheat or nocheatplus is preventing that! ;)
  14. Maybe try reinstalling client/rebooting server?
  15. It's a glitch.
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  16. NoCheatPlus does prevent hackers from flying if you still need some help. If you have that, then you're fine with enabling flight in server properties.