Why does it take 15 seconds to run Spigot?

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  1. Why does it take 15 seconds to run Spigot? It's quite annoying and i don't want to keep having to wait like just under an hour quite often "rebuilding" spigot jar. Is there not a way we can just get the spigot jar i dont need bukkit or all this maven stuff idek what that is!
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    Shamefully distribution of spigot jars is a no-no for various reasons; I do highly question how building spigot would take an hour unless you're running on a toaster o_O
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    Utilize some automation, like a script that downloads the latest BuildTools and builds your server .jar for you. The 15 second delay only happens when you have a pretty outdated build anyway.
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    Looks like spigot dropped the timer for 1.12.2 builds 19 hours ago, you'll need to build a fresh jar to get that, but should be saved from it after that for a while
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    Are you seriously asking why it waits 15 seconds? Does:

    *** Error, this build is outdated ***
    *** Please download a new build as per instructions from https://www.spigotmc.org/ ***
    *** Server will start in 30 seconds ***

    Not possibly clue you in as to why? :) Also WTF machine are you using if BuildTools takes an hour?? I just timed running BT, it took me 4 minutes, 50 seconds. Don't try to build on a potato and you'll be fine hehe.
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    Well if you really want to bypass it then add this before your -jar flag in your start.bat:


    This actually does work. Not a troll.
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  7. It probably depends on your computer speed and Internet speed tbh.
  8. I'm quite proud of my toaster. I don't know why it takes so long everything else I ever download is pretty quick. I have a decent gaming pc and internet 56.5 mbps download speed and 18.4 mbps upload speed. (I tested on my phone)
  9. For me it does it if I don't have the latest on. I was using the second most recent one and then it stopped happening when i built the most recent one.
  10. Im asking why spigot don't let you just directly download JUST the spigot.jar and have the other stuff optional in a separate download section. As i already said my toaster is pretty decent so idk.
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  11. It didn't work!?

    Jk i'm not stupid. Btw u can't spell, it's DoIReallyKnowWhatIAmDoingISwear not DIReallyKnowWhatIAmDoingISwear!
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  12. I know this has already been answered, but just build the spigot jar using built tools. It shouldn't take one hour and there are reasons for not allowing people to just download it from sites.
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    DMCA fucked spigot so build tools were the only way they could continue
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  14. I'll see what happenes next time ‍♂️
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  15. Idk what DMCA is but ok fair enough.
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    The Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) is a United States copyright law
  17. Why does it affect me i live in UK. Ngl Han Solo just popped into my head.
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    "Wolvereness is someone who developed CraftBukkit. He did this for a long time, only to find out that the Bukkit project is actually owned by Mojang. He didn't like that of course, so he filed a DMCA takedown."

    "Spigot didn't give up like Bukkit did. They talked with their lawyers and came to the conclusion that they could continue Spigot, but it wouldn't be possible to just download the .jar: hence why a project called 'BuildTools' was introduced."