Why does it take 15 seconds to run Spigot?

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  1. So, for that thing spigot.jar includes craftbukkit and others? And what happens with Paper spigot or Taco & waterfall.
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    Those three i believe do exactly what spigot is doing currently or at least something similar
  3. No, he had it right. Because -D is the flag and then IReallyKnowWhatIAmDoingISwear is the option. don't know what the correct terminology is sorry
    Edit: And yes that really is a thing. I use it on my dev server.
  4. mm ok, the DMCA takedown is still activated?
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    It does indeed work. Take a look at line 172:

    And you put the D in front of the option. It doesn’t stand for Do; so I can indeed spell just fine. So actually you are the one being stupid as what I provided is a perfectly sound solution. If it didn’t work for you then you didn’t put the flag before the -jar flag.

    Example start file:
    Code (Text):
    @echo off
    title Benz56 Server Console
    java -Xms512M -Xmx4G -DIReallyKnowWhatIAmDoingISwear -jar spigot-1.12.2.jar
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    Paperclip is basically a magical jar which contains a patcher and bootstrap for the server, which applies a binary diff (bundled with paperclip) over the vanilla minecraft server jar and bootstraps the server. Easier to use than buildtools, especially as it's basically just a "drop and run" solution, but kinda skirting on the EULA a bit more...

    Either way, it shouldn't take an hour to run buildtools, try ensuring that you're running the latest version of git, especially as they love to try to solve some of the performance issues on windows in general, beyond that it's all standard java compilation *shrugs*
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  7. Well, I am not having problems with SpigotMC, also much hosting companies uses Ubuntu/Linux, not Windows, Windows is expensive at server hosting.
  8. Code (Text):
    Sets a system property value.

    If value is a string that contains spaces, then you must enclose the string in double quotation marks:

    java -Dmydir="some string"

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