Why does it take my server so long to start?!?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Redblock6, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. Hello I use server.pro for server hosting and I start my server (Its 1.12) and it take probly more than 20 mins to startup please help!
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  2. Strahan


    Well, how can we answer when you give practically no information? Post a list of plugins and a complete server log from "Loading libraries" to "Done".
  3. BTW 20 Seconds would be "too long to start"
  4. You'll need to provide more information, if you post the startup log we'll be able to see where it's getting stuck / having trouble with.
  5. Ok guys It is very long and do you know any websites that I can put it in then give you the link??
  6. ik
  7. https://pastebin.com/
  8. or hit the little plus sign and use a spoiler and paste in-between the tags {spoiler}Paste Here{spoiler}
    Highlight, Right-click, {copy} CTRL+V = Paste, or just use this [-SPOILER]See how this works?[/SPOILER-] and get rid of the -
    See how this works?
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  9. Just my opinion its easier to read through pastebin as its a full page and indented correctly, spoiler boxes don't let it indent properly and so its harder to read when just pasted on here
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  10. He can't get the server to run maybe PastiBin will give fits too....
  11. Server.pro is making it slower. They want you to pay. Then it will be faster etc. It's a money stealing company
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  12. I already paid alot tho
  13. How many plugins do you have? And how many worlds?
  14. Where are you getting this information from? Not trying to defend server.pro but that's a straight up lie. If they would do that. Lawsuits would've already been filed by now. Even so, they would lose profit if they were exposed. No company that hosted 30 million minecraft servers would do that.
  15. Uhh.... 42 plugins and 35 worlds My server has 4GB
  16. I agree , Server.pro is a server hosting website they actually can make my server faster but I would need to pay.
  17. 35 worlds, that is your issue.
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  18. I deleted some worlds
  19. If you use terraincontrol, that can also have a big impact. Increases start times to > 30 secs