Why does it take my server so long to start?!?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Redblock6, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. Ummmmmmmmm Should I get it??????
  2. No he's saying to remove it. We need a plugins list. Use pastebin.
  3. Agreed (kinda) but their business plan is to essentially give u free shit (Intel i0.01 cpus) and then ask for money for the better gear. Simple business. But they don't deliberately target certain servers to extort money to pay for a plan/upgrade from their free plan lol
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  4. worlds count does not increase lag, chunks count does. Worlds load fast.
    I have 50 worlds running on 2.5gb ram, all nice without lag, server loads in 4 minutes(mostly due to also having 110 plugins combined with 90 Skript scripts)

    It looks like OP has very broken plugin or hosting provider issue
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  5. hastebin then.
  6. That's some major inefficiency.
    Anyway we'll need a lot more information.
    Perhaps if you can't upload the raw text itself upload the file itself to mediafire or similar?
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  7. wat??
  8. Strange, we have a server with 25+ worlds on it, and takes 45 seconds to start (old HDD) from the ./start.sh to Done! and we can connect ..
  9. electronicboy

    IRC Staff

    Use github gist.
    But really, you're hosting a server on what is one of the worlds crappiest oversold and underresourced hosting providers...
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  10. I never said 50 worlds will increase lag, lmao.
  11. I mean they can't be reason of super long start time unless it would be like 500 worlds
  12. Worlds themselves make zero differences, you could have 5000 worlds, but none of them could be generated. My comment was mainly a joke, unless he actually did have several worlds which were 15kx15k all pregenerated.
  13. Chunks do not load without players(only spawn chunks if enabled which is 256) resulting into no server load time increase from bigger/smaller worlds.
  14. No what is that for useless reply? Do you even read threads Before replying??
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  15. Regardless of most suggestions in this thread, be it more ram, a different host, etc. The best one so far has been to share that startup with us - it's really not that hard to find the console output and put that on hastebin or whatever you want to use to share it with us. This way we can check the startup, the timestamps, etc. and spot the trouble makers.
  16. What do you guys recomend I host my server with and I will try to switch.
  17. No I dont
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  18. ????
  19. Just a reminder my server is using Spigot 1.12
  20. still waiting for the console output