Why does it take my server so long to start?!?

Discussion in 'Spigot Help' started by Redblock6, Jan 31, 2018.

  1. Still. If someone already awnsered with that, you don't need to doublepost it. It's annoying.
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    Code (Text):
    [07:05:36 INFO]: Done (39.499s)! For help, type "help" or "?"
    hardly 5 minutes, but still, as above, you have so many issues with plugins on your server, it's time to do a cleanup. If you feel that a server spewing exceptions all over the place is okay, you shouldn't be running a server. (and throwing exceptions isn't pretty nor is it exactly cheap in terms of compute time).
    Update to 1.12.2, there is no sane reason for sticking behind, any plugin that throws an exception should be looked into being fixed or removed.
  3. My recommendation when you're cleaning up..

    Build your OWN Spigot.jar for 1.12.2, put it in a new directory. Start it up, accept EULA, start it up again, .. turn it off and configure server.properties.

    Then install the most BASIC core plugins you require for your server .. consider this your 'base' and make that work well, start with 1.12.2 compliant and latest build versions.. or find a better alternative.

    Once your 'base' is ready, .. back it up..

    Then start slowly adding one plugin at a time, and configure it, test it, and when things work: back it up!

    This way when you fail on something, you roll back your test setup and try again with a new build or better alternative.

    Find plugins that do what 4 plugins do.. for example: CMI instead of 4 essentials plugins, and betterchairs, .. because 1 plugin can do it all.. Just a suggestion on top of everything.

    Test your permissions, with alt accounts.

    But take it all step by step, because that log file is a challenge to the sane
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  4. Are you using the free version of server.pro?
  5. Next time read the thread. No he isn't.
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  6. No
  7. Thats a lot of words...... I am not a very good coder.
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  8. You need to add more RAM .
    PS:If you are using the free mode its normally that takes a lot to start
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  10. How can someone add more RAM if it is hosted? Please elaborate on your thought process.
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  11. Can't help it you're not willing to take your server seriously and do basic administrative work on it or even read the responses from people who give you support.
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  12. I do
  13. Strahan


    If what he said was too complex for you, you may as well give up trying to run a server. The stuff he told you to do is very basic server admin stuff. Not trying to be mean, it's just a simple truth that if work of that level is outside of your capabilities, you are in trouble.
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  14. I will look into making my own spigot.jar
  15. Who said you needed to make your own jar? Just upgrade the server ram.
  16. I don't believe it's possible to wait 20 minutes for a Spigot server startup.