Solved Why does not life regenerate in the players?

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  1. I have a minecraft server but what happens is that when you hurt yourself and you have the food to the maximum it does not regenerate your life?
  2. Do you have plugins installed?
  3. Yes, i have plugins installed
  4. Show your plugins list. Just knowing that you have plugins only tells us it's likely to be a plugin, which is usually the thought to begin with :b
  5. These are my plugins
  6. upload_2018-7-12_16-57-39.png


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  7. I try to use /difficulty Normal but the problem continues
  8. TheJavaHacker


    Make sure that the gamerule is set correctly - /gamerule naturalRegeneration true
  9. Ok, I will try that
  10. No, the problem continues
  11. For the gamerules and such do /stop and start again. It may need a proper stop and start.
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    @Maximvdw I don't believe this user bought AnimatedNames
  13. I buy the plugin, what happens is that I do not update it because I do not care every update that takes a lot of memory consumes and what I need are the tags, better question before you start writing stupid
  14. Thanks, it worked what you told me
  15. Watch this

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  17. I have no idea because, but it's been a while since I bought it
  18. If the life is regenerating then mark the thread as resolved.
  19. That's a nice bookmark you have there '211 PLUGINS PREMIUM' that's probably from youtube right? :D
  20. I give you the link so you can see what it is? :/