Why, i can't add new blocks to game?

Discussion in 'Programming' started by Tarack, May 23, 2017.

  1. Hy! I trying to add a new block to game, but the block doesn't exist. :(
    I added the block to the Block.java and also to the Blocks.java.

    Added a block name to language file, and added a texture and two .json files.

    But the f** block doesn't exist in the game. Why?


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  2. This is not a mod forum, try Curse?
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  4. Because this isn't modding. That's what Forge, etc. are for.
  5. Because you cant do that without client mods, and spigot is a pure server mod with limited (none actually, but you can do some via hacky stuff) support for that sort of stuff.
  6. It's possible to create new blocks, items, and many other features with mcp, i've do this last month !
    Mcp, it's juste the source code of Minecraft. You can edit all what you want to, for example nether sky (blue, green, ...)
  7. That is cool, but spigot is not MCP and has no support for client mods, so you cant turn the nether sky green or add new blocks.

    You need to use forge (and probably run a private server as well, at that point) if you want to make client mods.
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  8. The point is this: In order for the client to see new blocks, they would have to download the files themselves in order to see those new things. You can run modded servers (where the client has to download a mod to play), but it's not the same as Spigot (which is the modding of Minecraft servers in ways that do not require changes to the MC client).
  9. What's your code?

    (By the way, chances are good he's using MCP as he's posting this in Programming, not Spigot Plugin Development)
  10. Strahan


    Out of curiosity then, how do plugins like DiceFurniture work? Is it because the new items are made up of existing textures?
  11. No. They use armor stands.
  12. As Brett said, armor stands are used; specially made player heads or other related player parts are placed on the armor stand's head or in its hand, depending on the plugin.