why is involved in updating my server to 1.13

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  1. I have hosting with cubed host so basically its just going to be a switch where I update to the new version, I assume...but what do I do about plugins? We have a lot of plugins, and I just don't know if I need to wait until all of them are upgraded as well, which seems to me like that could take forever...I am assuming again.. so guys where do I start? Am I going to be chasing plugin developers to update? will some likely work with 1.13 without an actual update?Advice? any info you can give me would be much appreciated
  2. When 1.13 Spigot releases and is stable, I recommend copying all of your server files to your PC or another machine and putting the 1.13 jar on it then running it. Whatever plugins don't run properly you should check the plugin page to see if the dev is active and ask them to fix it (it will probably have to do with block ids most likely) and if not then you probably shouldn't be running the plugin. :p
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    Most plugins in theory should work with 1.13 if not developers seem to update quickly, Cubecraft i don't think auto-updates, if you do want to go back to 1.12 if plugins don't work (Unlikely) then you should be able to replace the spigot.jar in the ftp to a 1.12 verison you can get from buildtools,
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  4. Like any other version upgrade, copy your server to another machine and test.... Don't just push the new release to your public server and hope it works.

    Oh, and when you DO get to the point where you upgrade the public server, shut it down, do a full backup, then do the update. If it doesn't work, you can just extract the backup and put it back online while you work out what went wrong.
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  5. I would also suggest getting a very small test server just for the month or if you have linux just have a small 3gb test server when the 1.13 build jar is ready and out. that way you can put the new jar in and then add your updated plugins. remember not all plugins will have been updated. Be prepared to go with out some as they simply may not work. Good luck