Why is my server using so much ram?

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  1. Only I and my friend play on this serves but it still uses 70%. Can some1 help me? I am using spigot 1.12.2 and some plugins. If you want i can show you the plugin list

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  2. Hello Nelfis.

    What plugins are you using? Write the name and the version so we can see what's wrong. Also check if there are errors displayed in the console, in that case paste the log for check it.

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    That's basically how java works; Not only do you have the amount of heap actually in use, but java needs memory itself like any other program
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  4. Also my log, here it is

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  5. This is a very accurate number based on the plugins you use. Some of those plugins are useless though if only you and a friend play on the server, unless you absolutely do not trust him so you have to lock him down under pex and NCP. Looks to me though you are developing a server and if that is the case you really need to upgrade to more ram. If I am not mistaken you only have 1Gb and that will soon not even be enough to handle all the possible worlds, players, plugins, and excess data the server uses.
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  6. Wow, 24 plugins. It seems that you have more or less 1GB Ram, so there is the reason.

    You have many plugins that aren't very useful and consume a lot of RAM. LoginSecurity, why? Because if you play only with your friend is innecesary, you can enable the whitelist and that would be fine. AdvancedBan, why? NoCheatPlus, EasySetSpawn (you can use Essentials Spawn) ChatEx (you can use Essentials Chat).

    Summarizing, you have many innecesary plugins. And if you are developing a server, you should buy or a VPS or increase the RAM.

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  7. I mean that only 2 player play ion my server. But i want more player to play but this is impossible because of the RAM
  8. Welp there are no issues with your server. If you want more players and plugins upgrade your server hardware. you can get a good vps for about $15/m