Why is name changing a donator perk?

Discussion in 'Community Feedback and Suggestions' started by udlp, Feb 26, 2018.

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  1. With no way to delete your account (and then create a new one with the new name), AND no way to change your name without donating, that seems really scummy, at least to me it does.

    I understand not wanting people to change it all the time but why not just limit to like, once a month or something like that?

    I even already had intentions on putting some money towards SpigotMC given how useful this place has been, but it's harder to justify when they do greedy tactics like this. Not saying I absolutely won't over this, but I want to know the explanation on this decision.

    Edit: Seriously? I outright stated above I am not refusing to donate over this. I made it clear I had plans on donating before I wanted a name change.

    Edit 2: I'm going to clarify a few things:
    1. I intended on donating before this, and still intend on it after.

    2. I already know how useful and good Spigot is. That's the reason I intended on donating before this.

    3. I had no better word choice than "greedy tactics" and "seems scummy", to get the point across that I didn't like this decision, and it seemed similar to other "give me money" tactics.

    4. I came in open to discussion, wanting to be convinced wrong. Luckily, MiniDigger isn't going through an aneurysm like everyone else here, and was actually able to give an acceptable reason.
    5. This is the most important one. In the future when more people inevitably ask this question again, don't go into a flurry of "HOW DARE YOU" and "Don't be entitled!".
    Literally the only things you're doing by saying that is convincing the person that Spigot's community is run by assholes, and that they should NOT donate. Are you asking for this project to be underfunded? Just explain simply "All it is, is a thank you for donators." That's literally all you have to do.
    The only defense past that is actual entitled people demanding it be free, which is in no way what I was doing if you actually read what I said.
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  2. Mas


    "Greedy tactics"?

    Spigot is an open-source project powering tens of thousands of servers, and you think asking for a minimum of $10 for a small forum perk like name changing is scummy? I think you're just acting like you're way too entitled.

    Just deal with the fact that Spigot needs money to survive, and although (at least for me personally) the perks aren't the primary incentive for donation, it's nice to be able to receive a small token of thanks for supporting a project that's used by so many people. It's a shame so many people take spigot for granted and expect things in return, while never giving anything in the first place.
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  3. MiniDigger


    many forums don't offer name changes at all, so be happy that its as an option at all.
    even donors are limited to how often they can change their name, since name changes are confusing to everyone on the forum. just think about your username when you sign up, so you will never need to change it.
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  4. "Thanks for supplying this website for 99% of your members for free but because I want a feature that you need to donate for I'm gonna have a hissy fit"
    Want eternal rank on Mineplex while you're at it? Not like they need to pay server hosting either, right?
  5. @MiniDigger you're so far the only one to actually add something to the conversation with an explanation, thanks. Not a perfect explanation, but it's better than nothing. Admittedly I don't use many forums so I wasn't aware many didn't allow name changes at all.

    If the rest of you had actually read it, you'd realize I'm not going "Fuck the staff for not making it free!", I'm asking for an explanation. Sometime weird stuff like this has explanations. One common one I'd guess on this is that they used usernames instead of UUIDs as a primary key in the account database. But I want to know the real explanation.

    I outright stated I was intending on donating anyway, and might still do it even after this discussion. I'm not a cheap bastard like you morons think. While drawing people in via this stuff helps, some people don't need incentives like name changes to donate.

    As for all of you calling me entitled, go say that when your google, steam, netflix, facebook, discord, tumblr, minecraft, and even dev.bukkit.org can all change your name with no issue or complaint. Hell, even my server host let me do it in one email request. Name changes are now a basic feature of most online services.
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  6. Minecraft costs $25. Tumblr and Facebook make money off of ads. Netflix costs 10$+ /month. Discord has a donor wall with lots of perks for donating. Spigot costs nothing. The ability to change your name is just an extra perk, you should be donating out of the goodness of your heart but @md_5 knows that adding a perk like this is good business.

    Honestly, you're making a big deal out of nothing. It is $10. Not $100. Just close this thread now because it's really stupid and you calling Spigot, an open-source free-to-use service scummy for making name-changes a donor option, is scummy on your end if anything.
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  7. I said it "seems scummy to me". I was asking for an explanation, not demanding they make it free. I already have intentions to donate, I will probably have donated regardless if name changing is free or not.

    I came in fully willing to accept that there'd be a reason why it would make sense, and people like you are just calling me cheap when I literally already plan on donating.
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  8. I personally think that small perks on the forums like name changing are just a little push to get more people to donate. Take a look at the Donation Enquiries section on Spigot, the amount of people who donate $10 and want a name change (and thus forgot to read the sticky, since you don't have to mention that) is quite high.
  9. You should watch your mouth. SpigotMC is literally (in my eyes) one of the main reasons Minecraft is still alive, the amazing work the developers put into maintaining this project, even after the CraftBukkit DMCA and the huge community of lovely developers behind it. This community of over 450.000 members offers (mostly) free resources to people to make a great server with (and some servers earn tens of thousands of dollars because of it), and if not, people are here to offer their services, such as plugin development, server administration or management and building. If you're gonna build a server, SpigotMC is where you end up at, all that being a non-profit organization solely running off of the donations of others, and you dare to call them greedy or scummy? Get off kid.

    MiniDigger basically explained some of it. SpigotMC just offers a tiny reward to their donators. We literally don't get anything other than a name change, a secret forums barely anybody uses or a few medals/tags, but we don't care, we donate to keep Spigot alive, not to purchase their "greedy / scummy" perks.

    Which one out of that list is a non-profit organisation? Right, non. Think bukkit.org is, however. Good for them. Everything costs money, life isn't free. Just because SpigotMC is non profit doesn't mean they don't need money to keep the community going.
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  10. MiniDigger


    most donations don't even show up in there as spigot automatically matches your email, so its not a fair representation of the donation amount distribution.
    the perks that you get when you donate are just spigots way of saying "thank you" for helping to keep this project alive.
    when you donate 10 bucks just to get a name change, thats ok, but thats not why most ppl donate.
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  11. Man there's a lot of thought going into this thread.

    I suggest that Spigot creates a store page, so that both
    the folks who donate to help the cause and those who donate to get "stuff"
    are satisfied.

    I think that if someone wants to change their name or use some other perk
    3 times a week, who am I to say no to that... pay me bitches :D

    *ps - generally I like to say it the way it is. Spigot needs money, so if you want to use perks over and over again, fine, no problem.
  12. no

    md_5 has already said he prefers to do it manually so that he can appreciate people who appreciate his work, or something along those lines.
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  13. Well what the hell else was I supposed to say, to explain why I felt this was a weird tactic when every other heavily used service I could think of at the the allows name changes?

    Name changes are a basic feature of most modern services, simple as that. What if you had to pay to be able to reply to threads like this? Or what if you had to pay to write a review on a plugin? Those are basic features on the same level. I came here for an explanation as to why I was wrong in thinking it was a scummy tactic, why I was wrong in considering it a basic feature here. Not to be told "Fuck you, donate you piece of shit" by a dozen different people here, especially when donating was already my intention regardless.

    I'm aware of everything you said about Spigot, and that's why I intended on donating before this. None of it relates to name changes. Also, why can't any of you keep your story straight? You can't say both "Donate out of your heart!" AND "Donate for the perks!". If you're going to believe that anyone who donates is doing it out of heart, then why aren't you also questioning why the name change is donator only? People who donate out of their hearts like that don't need incentives. Or if you're going to believe people donate out of desire for the perk, why are you wasting your time trying to convince people to donate out of their heart, instead of explaining why name changes are donator only?

    I have seen some of you suggest it's just a donator incentive, and if that's true, good. But none of you have outright stated that's the only reason. If it is, that's fine.

    I will say this, if even one of you dumbasses were Spigot staff, I'd be seriously reconsidering donating if they were assholes like you. Learn from them, they know shaming people into donating does literally nothing but make the person want to donate less, as well as make all of Spigot forums look like a shithole. If I didn't know better, if I didn't already read some of these, I'd thought that guess was absolutely true.

    I don't care about donator rewards. If you read my response, "we donate to keep Spigot alive" is exactly why I was intending on donating before I found out about this. And again, exactly why I want to know why name tags are donator incentives.

    Alright, that makes a lot more sense than it being a donator incentive, it being a thank you.

    For the rest of you, the difference is:

    An incentive is how you try and trick another person into buying something that they really don't want to buy.

    A thank you is how you get people to donate again, showing you appreciate their actions.

    They're very similar, but the intentions behind it are very different. Thank you MiniDigger for being the only person who's not blinded with rage and actually knows how to continue the discussion, who actually knows how to convince me instead of insult me.
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  14. foncused

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    Thread locked.

    I understand you only wanted to ask a simple question and receive a simple answer. I will do my best to answer you now.

    Donors are able to change their name once every two months.
    Your interest in supporting SpigotMC by becoming a donor is greatly appreciated. This honestly cannot be stressed enough, since the SpigotMC project is supported only through these generous and voluntary contributions by our donors. However, the labels of "greedy" and "seems scummy" for a cosmetic incentive seem a bit exaggerated to me when the Spigot software is open-source, maintained by 1-2 developers, and freely available for download at any time.
    No need to be so aggressive. If you want to make your points and have them taken seriously, resorting to disrespect and ad hominem is the wrong way to go (even when faced with it yourself). It should be an important note to you that none of the staff on this website are paid for the time and effort they put in. The forums, IRC, resources section, S&R section, and Wiki pages are all moderated & managed for free by a collection of trusted volunteers.

    To everyone else:
    Please remember that the option to reply objectively to a simple question is always at your disposal. Responding with hostility does not help anyone, nor does piling on top of someone just because they ask a question you may disagree with.
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