Why is OVH so great?

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    [22/04/2014 21:17:42] Ryan Spencer | ReactiveMC/UnitedNetwork CEO/Chairman: I think spigot has turned into an OVH fanboy forum.

    Its a fair point, and I am interested as to why this is. They offer about the same prices as Intreppid and ReliableSite (Albeit cheaper DDoS protection). I do not see why OVH is such a great provider. Sure, they are an average provider, however their DDOS protection is nothing special, their network I believe is oversaturated, meaning that they offer low bandwith values, and their support is so much more terrible than other costs.

    While ReliableSite (@RSNET-Radic) does have very expensive DDoS protection, Intreppid could actually said to have cheaper DDoS protection than OVH! Yes, with their dedicated servers its $99 (Pretty good price), however if you look at their Minecraft servers, you can get the actual server, PLUS 20Gbps/8MPPS DDoS protection for just $36! Which means I could actually argue that Intreppid is cheaper than OVH (Considering the quality of DDoS protection). ReliableSite does have 20Gbps DDoS protection for $500, which is a very high price. That said, I dont see why it would make people choose OVH over ReliableSite, considering that you could just go to somebody like DDoSDeflect for remote protection.
    Edit: I also had better experience with DDoSDeflect on the false-positive front than OVH.

    As for the CPUs, I would say that they are better than OVHs and for a similar price. ReliableSite has the Intel Core i7 4790 for just $99/m (About the same if not less than OVH, and its a better CPU than OVHs.), and Intreppid offers the E3-1270v3 3.5 Ghz for just $60, and the i7-4770k 4.2 Ghz Overclocked for just $111 - Far cheaper than OVH considering the quality of the CPUs and the price.

    Now the network. While its usually not a large problem for people, OVH only guarantees 100Mbps (They raised it to 200Mbps, but I still have 100Mbps), however both Intreppid and ReliableSite both offer 1Gbps/s! That is 10x (or 5x depending on when you purchased your OVH server) more than OVH!

    Concerning the Intreppid downtime, then yes Intreppid did make a mistake again. But wait! So did OVH! About 5 months before Intreppid's 2-day downtime, OVH was also down for about 2 days! The network was cutting out about every 2 minutes, and even if players could join for those 2 minutes, the latency was at least 500. @Netto Hikari who is no longer on these forums confirmed that he also went down (Not 100% sure if that was the same occasion). So why does everyone hate on Intreppid and not OVH, since both hosts made a mistake at one point and both hosts went down?
    To my knowledge, ReliableSite has had no downtime, however I know little about ReliableSite (@RSNET-Radic I am sure you will be able to tell us of some sort of downtime you accidentally had).

    OVH also only offers 1 SSD Drive, wheras ReliableSite and Intreppid offer multiple drives, meaning you could have a second drive to back up to. Backing up over FTP is okay, but in reality is a pain.

    In summary... What is so good about OVH? Their protection has got many false positivies, as stated here, here, and by my experience, and the servers themselves are pretty much the same price as Intreppid or Reliablesite, but have worse support, bandwith, and DDoS protection.

    The only bonus I see is that OVH's low quality DDoS protection comes free, wheras for Intreppid and ReliableSite you usually have to pay extra for it.
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    For us, it was location and price. Anti-DDoS from OVH for us has been fantastic.
    To be quite honest, not really looked at other providers for a long time, but when we did (2ish years ago) OVH was by far the cheapest option for what we wanted.

    With the added bonus, OVH give us a 500Mbps link outbound and 1Gbps inbound, along with free 500GB NAS storage, free additional IP's (excluding setup fees), unlimited traffic and a lovely free 16gb USB Stick ;)

    We have 2 SSD's in Raid 1 and 2 2TB HDD's in Raid 1, where are you seeing they only offer 1 SSD?
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  3. They're affordable, high quality; and their DDoS protection is proven to work very well.
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  4. Never had a single problem with
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    In mine and many others' experience, attacks can often either go through the protection or have everybody blocked. Also that the protection can easily be bypassed by OVH servers attacking other servers, which has been done before and resulted in @PhanaticD having his server taken down by this technique.
    I dont see how they are more affordable or higher quality than any other host, as explained above, their bandwith and support is actually worse.
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  6. Their support is fine, people have just had bad experiences with it in the past, they're great. Connectivity is fine for me, and I know lots of hosts use OVH, not to mention they're on of the largest Data Center hosts out there so they must be doing something right.
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  7. Just no, It's not "Low quality" at all. Interppid's protection is "high quality" but gets nulled by HF booters? Much quality. Go throw 50Gbps at interrpid / OVH see which stays up.
    Have fun.
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    Why would you need more than 100Mbps for Minecraft anyway?
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  9. I don't see why it's a big deal. If people on here are happy with OVH (like myself), why shouldn't we recommend it? Seems to be working just fine for people.
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  10. OVH offers great hardware for low prices on a good network (not great, but definitely better than so many others), with good DDoS protection included - the problems you described where issues from earlier versions of the system.
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    Yup. Just 90Mbps took me down on OVH. Intreppid kept me up against 15Gbps.

    Their support takes quite a while.

    Fair enough. I guess what I am trying to say is that people seem to believe that OVH is so great, wheras in reality other hosts are just as good.

    That does not sort the issue of people taking down other servers on the OVH network with OVH servers, which is what has started happening and as I already said, took down @PhanaticD 's server. Whats the point of protection if it can be easily bypassed?
    Some other people have had OVHs protection working okay for them. I will not say that it is terrible, but it is lower quality than the majority of hosts. It can block attacks, and it is better than no protection, but IMO, it is there to keep your server up, and not to remove all false-positives or give the best gameplay experience.

    I am not trying to say that OVH is a bad host. I am just asking, what is so good about it that actually makes it better than other hosts?

    The problems I describe are still an issue today and I continue to have issues with it. So do other people.
    The problem of OVH servers attacking other OVH servers I do not believe has been fixed. Correct me if I am wrong.
    I dont see how much greater their hardware is or how much lower their prices are to other hosts. I would say its about the same.
    The included DDoS protection can work but will not work as well as other hosts, it is very unconfigurable, and you get a fair amount of false-positives with it when under an attack.
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  12. Not for me, under 30 mins normally...
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  13. Same
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  14. joehot200


    Mine usually is about a hour or two.
    And when a reply does come, its not always so helpful, and definitely never compromising.
  15. Tux


    We're mainly using it because of the cost. We don't have 10 grand flowing in each day, because if we did we would be using somebody else.

    But yes, we've had some issues with OVH, notably a server that rebooted every few days for about a month until we managed to convince them it was their hardware doing this.
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  16. Maybe at that time they had allot of tickets or something, I have never had to wait longer then 30 mins for a response.
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  17. I've been hit with around 80-ish Gbps, never went down. not even false positives while under the attack. I haven't been token down once. Only time i've actually seen OVH actually get taken down is when other OVH boxes attack them, which as far as i can tell. It's been fixed

    About interppid. 15Gbps is nothing anymore due to NTP. So do not compare interppid with 15Gbps. To something OVH would handle without any issue twice the size.
  18. JamesJ


    Personally, I chose OVH because of their prices. I have a VPS which I use just to learn more Linux commands etc, (I am changing from my old shared hosting, yea I know, sin of the earth, I had a good deal xD). But it is their DDoS protection, for me, the support had been fine, I've not submitted 2 tickets, but both have been fine. I also chose OVH because many people say how good they are, plus, there is no need for me to look for other hosts. For me, if a server does what it needs to, that's good enough.
  19. About these prices, These are only like this if you purchase a year with them. Which i highly doubt anyone does. Comparing monthly prices, Interppid is 3x times the price of OVH.
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    I've never once waited more than 12 minutes.
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