Why is OVH so great?

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    proof? why is it THAT hard for you to believe anyway? The attack wasnt just tested on intreppid either, I just dont have screenshots of the reports from the other places..
  2. You do not pull 90gbit attacks out of your hat. You give me nothing other than that screenshot from Intreppid's inflated attack logs to prove your theory.

    I always try to backup my points with credible sources, while you provide nothing and mock my posts. This is why it is hard to believe you, and you are at best misleading everyone.

    EDIT: Tell us a little about those "other places" that you tested this attack on.
  3. @joehot200 you are notorious for becoming a fanboy of literally everything you buy on the second day you use it. I remember all your crap about DDos Deflect, now Intreppid, what's next? I somehow see you pop into almost every OVH topic and watch you try to tell us out all your "false positives", Kyle is not buying it...
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  4. ReliableSite and Intreppid may seem cheap, but they really are not.

    RSNet: $99/month base price for the i7-4790 BUT that only comes with 8GB RAM, no SSD, no DDoS protection, and limited bandwidth (even though 10TB is ton). To fully customize that server to effectively run a Minecraft server, it would cost $124 (128GB SSD) or $139 (256GB SSD) per month. That is a decent price, but still OVH has more larger SSD drives, top of the line ddos protection, and for a cheaper price.

    Intreppid: Intreppid does not have an overclocked i7-4700K for $111 a month, that's bullshit. It is only that cheap if you pay an entire year in advance... who wants to do that? If you buy it quarterly it is $167/month which is a decent amount of money. If you add ddos protection to that, it increase up to $226 per month. These prices are pretty expensive, but it's not bad since they are overclocked and not many other providers have overclocked processors. Intreppid is really only good if you have a lot of money to put down for an entire year. I have the money to do that, but I don't want to just for the pure fact that I don't want to be locked into a 1 year contract. What if I am not satisfied? Am I just going to have to put up with it for take the $1910 loss (4770k for a year + ddos prot + 1 Gbps port). Not only that, but the west coast of the united stats isn't ideal for my European players.
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    May I point out that I use OVH for my dedicated server?
    Hence your point is proved invalid.

    Oh, and I have never used ReliableSite.
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    Contacting support may help bring the price down a little. But with the extra cost, you're also getting the extra service and support that OVH is missing. You can also easily route DDoS protection through a cheap OVH VPS with Bungee, as I believe RS.net's datacentre is nearby and there is very little extra latency.
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    and what proof do you have that i dont just pull 90 gbit attacks out of my hat?

    what proof do you have that the attack log from intreppid is wrong?

    what proof do you have that I am misleading people? I could just as easily say "you are misleading people at best" that just sounds like a personal attack.

    no i dont want to. Look you can either believe me or not, I am just sharing how we tested OVH to be sure they were worthwhile before switching. I had already used both intreppid and voxility and were sick of their bullshit, OVH was the only one that stayed up, they had the best prices, and that is why so many people choose them

    the only other good option out there is the private service 9gigsofram offers
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  8. It is unfortunately not a good idea to do this however as OVH's peering to other hosting companies is very low quality and it will noticeably decrease your server performance no matter how little the latency is. It is a great budget option however for very small servers.

    1. The Intreppid attack log (being wrong) proves that your attack was less than 10gbit. You are not, fortunately, able to pull 90gbit attacks out of your hat.
    2. It has been proven time and time again by other Spigot members that the Intreppid attack logs can amplify your attack numbers by as much as ten times. You can do a simple search on the forums to find threads with reputable sources that prove this.
    3. You continue to, even knowing that you may be wrong, claim your points to be correct and are completely inconsiderate of the people around you. Saddening.
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  9. Ladies, take it up in a pm...
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    andddd here you go just saying it and expecting it to be concrete truth. "intreppid wrong" "you cannot do this" <- thats misleading if anything.

    2 that was fixed.......

    3. yer mums saddening. hypocrite. the fact that you have to attack me just goes to prove my point

    im done. peace
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  11. Someone who can not competently respond to an argument and instead resorts to "Your mom" jokes is not credible. Please stop being ignorant and face facts.
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    I was being ironic. someone who has to not respond to an argument and call me inconsiderate and "saddening" is not credible. Please stop being ignorant and face facts.
  13. If you edit your post, please be so kind to put your changes in EDIT: at the bottom so others can see that you edited it.

    If you had even the most basic comprehension skills, you would have noticed that I called your actions saddening; not you. Your actions of telling others that OVH can withstand 80gbit/s, without backing it up with any proof, are beyond inconsiderate. They are negligence at best.

    Your failure in this argument was decided a long time ago when you started to copy what I said and failed to offer any proof or cite your sources.
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  14. I agree, somewhat. It's not necessarily a 'bad idea' its just not an ideal solution. It's certainly workable for some applications and those advocating it have been pretty honest about this. I agree that their peering to some networks is not really ideal given their volume.
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    I am deeply sorry for my negligence will you guys forgive me
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  16. And then you remember that's not how OVH's protection works, and that attacks are filtered by the nearest datacenter. If 100% of the attack originated in or around that single OVH datecenter, then you would be using 66%~ of all of OVH's mitigation in that datacenter, assuming they're idiots and never thought to add simple load balancing in the case that one datacenter comes under a massize, localized attack.
  17. Just to add into the equation.

    I am beginning Linux user and had a technical question about my VPS (which may be why), and I received a response in 1 hour and 37 minutes. Still fine for me. Also, not to mention they were courteous, which always is nice.
  18. The Intel Core i7 4790 is a desktop processor, AFAIK, so it doesn't compare. As for intreppid, OVH gives double, triple, quadruple, and more compared to Intreppid in terms of RAM for the same price.

    [/quote]Now the network. While its usually not a large problem for people, OVH only guarantees 100Mbps (They raised it to 200Mbps, but I still have 100Mbps), however both Intreppid and ReliableSite both offer 1Gbps/s! That is 10x (or 5x depending on when you purchased your OVH server) more than OVH![/quote]
    OVH offers 1Gbps ports and higher. Additionally, all the servers I could find on OVH's current page offers 1Gbps down/internal and 1000Mbps up.

    I've been with OVH for probably about a year to 18 months. I have no memory of this happening.

    False, all of OVH's drives come default in RAID1, meaning your data is mirrored on another SSD in case of failure. If you wanted, you could put it into RAID0 and use the second SSD as a backup drive.
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    Tell me where you got that number about you being hit with 80-ish Gbps, as far I as know, OVH does not report how many gbps your IPs are being hit with, only that they are being hit.

    Also, NTP is entirely dead, the last time anyone was nulled on ProxyPipe was over 2 months ago, which was when NTP actually was at its peak. We are back to where we were before NTP came around, back where 10+Gbps ddos are normal.
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    Since when was ram actually important, my entire network is 128GB and I almost never use more then 40GB with well over 300+ players.

    Please note that the 1000Mbps is burst, and you are only exactly guaranteed it for about 24 hours of a month.