Why is OVH so great?

Discussion in 'Hosting Advice' started by joehot200, May 23, 2014.

  1. I used cubedhost :p
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  2. You're right, better pull out that RAM and let everything cache on your harddrive.

    The 1000Mbps I mentioned is not burst, but is guaranteed for all intra-OVH connections and all incoming connections. All outgoing connections are 500Mbps with 1000Mbps burst, which conforms with what I stated.
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  3. TitanicFreak


    Since you didn't say burst, anyone who didn't read anything else but that, would think OVH guarantees 1000Mbps up.
  4. My mistake, I typoed that as I was reorganizing the post.
  5. OVH doesn't go down every other month when someone steps on a cable. Equally, they don't lie about having redundant network infrastructure. Using overclocked consumer CPUs for servers, as Intreppid does, is certainly a very weird choice.
  6. The downtime Intreppid had was caused due to construction work, not someone stepping on a cable, and they promptly moved to another transit provider as soon as the issues occurred. They have not had the same issue since.

    I would like you to note that hosting companies are not perfect. They have downtime, and OVH is not exempt from this. OVH BHS was entirely down on multiple occasions in 2014, yet people seem to not realize this.

    Even the most redundant cloud hosting companies like Amazon AWS have full datacenter outages at times. This is perfectly fine though, as the customer is expected (in the cloud scheme) to run his service across all Amazon Availability Zones for redundancy. Unfortunately, Minecraft does not have this luxury and can not be seamlessly ran over multiple datacenters without any issues (dependent on your server type).

    On your second point, the job of a company is to cater to their customers. If Intreppid's customers require overclocked dedicated servers, it is the smartest choice for Intreppid to sell them.

    Intreppid has their own issues. OVH has their own issues. Amazon AWS has their own issues. It's simply a fact. This thread is about OVH though, so please stay on topic instead of flaming Intreppid.
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